Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Bag, My Voice and My Computer

Blog-Tag game. This game is like passing a curse err a task to a blogger friend. And, then, I got tagged by one of the hottest goddesses in the blogosphere named Winkie.

The task associated with the tag goes like this:

List down all the items inside your bag and take a picture of them.

So here goes the list of items inside my bag.

1. Rexona Deodorant
2.OHM Body Spray
3.Individual Blue Romance Perfume by AVON given by my mom.
4.Astring-O-sol mouth wash
5.Toothbrush and Colgate Toothpaste
6.Oral-B Dental Floss with Mint.
7.Men's Lip Gloss. I barely use it. Only when my lips are already showing signs of El NiƱo cracks.
8.Nokia 6131: My two-year old ever loved phone. LOL
9.Company ID

I hope I get paid for all these product endorsements. LOL

Also, I remember I told Ax and Jason that I will be joining their podcast blogging as well. So here goes a recorded voice of mine. Please excuse me if you are currently taking your happy meal, my apologies
in advance for the mispronounced words and if you'll find my voice terribly disgusting. Smile first before you click on “play”.

By the way, I'm selling my 6-month old ACER desktop computer as I already got my laptop back.

OS: Win XP Pro Version 2002 SP2

Procesor: AMD Athlon LE-1640
2.71 GHz,
Memory: 896 RAM
Hard Disc: 80 GB
Monitor: ACER 16" LCD flat screen

Price: Php 12,000 plus 1,000 for the computer table. I am located in Cebu so for interested buyer outside Cebu, please add Php 400 for the shipping fee.

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