Tuesday, January 19, 2010

On Vampires and Spiderman 4

"Do you believe that Vampires exist?"

I was scanning through the DVD racks at some bangketas in Colon, Cebu City when I overheard a young lady asking that question to her boyfriend while holding a DVD entitled Vampire Diaries.

"Yes, of course cuz I am a vampire", her boyfriend replied with a naughty smile.

Personally, I think it is disturbing that some people especially the youth nowadays are so fond of watching these kinds of films or TV series. They are so into it to the point that they are already almost convinced that vampires do exist. And that they look up to these fictional characters or creatures as suave, charismatic, sophisticated and cool.

It bothers me that these movies or TV shows have greatly influenced the minds of the new generations. I even stumbled upon an online forum entitled, "How to become a vampire?!" And to make it worse, most of the members of that forum are minors. Hala?!

On SpiderMan 4

SpiderMan will be back. And rumor has it that Taylor Lautner (who plays Jacob in New Moon) and Zac Efron are up for the role as Peter Parker. So, who do you think would be best?

Well, Spiderman is one of my favorite super heroes among the Marvel super heroes. But of course I don't believe that he's real. It's just that I think he is super cool because he doesn't have any special super powers such x-ray vision or fiery eyes but he always manage to save the day.

Speaking of super, I can't help but smile when someone says (especially if cute na chic) "Super Thank you!?" It's like the word super has a tickling effect. Naku, lalo na pag dinagdagan pa ng "duper" e di "Super duper thank you" na yun! Super duper ngiti na din ako nun.^^ 

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