Saturday, February 6, 2010

Random Facts About Me, Call Center Agents, and Health Insurance Leads

Selling was never a challenge to me. Wayback in elementary, high school 'til college, I used to sell stuff like candies, cellphone loads and even RTWs. LOL

I've always thought I'd end up as a businessman. Maybe I will be a great businessman someday. I don't wanna spend my whole life working as call boy este call center agent. By the way, to those who stumbled upon my blog because they typed "call boys in cebu" on Google, sorry to tell you that you can't find them here in my blog. Call boys or call girls have been common jargon words for Call Center agents. However, I hope you'd somehow enjoy your stay here on my site. ^_^

Anyways, talking about selling, I'd like to introduce to you a career that can be done on the Internet - Health Insurance Selling. Being a Sales Insurance Agent nowadays is a lot easier with the help of the Internet.

And now with ProspectZone, it is so easy to get higher quality health insurance leads. ProspectZone is the leading provider of insurance leads on the internet. They are specializing in health insurance leads, life insurance leads and uninsurable leads. With their network of insurance websites that produce more than 6,000 leads on a daily basis, you can never go wrong with ProspectZone. They have been in the insurance lead business since 2002 and has been connecting interested online insurance shoppers with professionals who can provide them with competitive quotes.

From lead-generating websites to highly-effective software tools, their agency products and insurance software will save you time, make your work easier for you and make buying insurance easier for any customers.

Meanwhile, please feed my pets. ^_^

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