Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Reacts on "Milkaholic" Video

What is Milkaholic?

Basically, it is a slang term that refers to a person who only drinks milk, chocolate, vanilla, and the likes at breakfast, lunch or dinner. For example if I drink milk instead of coffee in the morning, chocolate milk, instead of soda at lunch and has strawberry milk and yes, straight up milk for dinner, then I am milkaholic! What's wrong with that by the way? Hmm...

Lindsay Lohan is suing financial company E-Trade for $100 million for using her first name, referring to a boyfriend-stealing "milkaholic"baby, in its latest commercial. The ad features two babies acting as a couple having a sort of lovers quarrel.

Watch it below:

Lindsay Lohan claims that the ad violated her rights under New York state civil-rights law.

The spokesperson for Grey Group, which produced the "milkaholic" commercial, said that they "just used a popular baby name that happened to be the name of someone on the account team."

Do you personally believe that she has basis for suing E-Trade? Hmm...

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