Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Am a Call Boy!

"I am a call boy." That's what I tell everyone who asks me about what I do for a living. And then, as a response, they'd look at me from head to toe and then they're like "Really? You look too decent to be one!" And then I would say, "Yeah I know! That's why I'm getting paid more than what an average call boy gets. Haha!"

Actually, I'm working at a call center. I started wayback in November 2007 at one of the pioneer call centers in Cebu. So how is it like being a call center boy for more than 2 years already? Well, I can't find a single adjective that would perfectly describe my call center life so far. So let me say it's been stressful yet fun enough to get you going. At first, it wasn't an easy thing. I had challenges with the shifting of schedules and not to mention, speaking with Obama err Americans from different states. Imagine changing your biological clock so you could stay awake the whole night and sleep the whole day. Imagine taking a cup of coffee almost every hour to stay awake. Before I joined the BPO industry, I was never a coffee fan.

Luckily, after one whole year of taking calls, I was transferred to the e-mail team. The same support, the same products but cooler way of providing customer service. I was very glad, at least I didn't have to listen to the rants and complaints of customers.

But despite of the challenges of being a call center agent, generally, I think working at a call center is still way better than other rank and file jobs. Why? Because stress is in every job. It is part of every job. Well, at least call center managements provide fun and recreations to somehow help their agents cope up with stress such as Team Socials once a month and Team Buildings… and of course, not to mention, higher compensation and benefits and a lot more! Ask me, I’ll tell you more.


  1. there are still a large number of Filipinos who don't get the call center jargon callgirl/callboy. i dunno.

    well, i really am glad, way beyond words, that i somehow influenced someone to put up his own blog and share his thoughts in the blogosphere. please keep your posts coming. :P

    i just added your link. :P


  2. thanx kris, yeah i will keep posting, however, please bear with me guys if i mess up with my grammars or spelling.. heheh.. i should have paid attention to my english instructors instead of daydreaming.

  3. this is so true! i am a call boy!

  4. hi kokoi. thanx, for the comment and for visiting. it's nice to meet fellow call boys on the blogosphere! happy holidays!

  5. callboys unite!

    haha. this reminds me of an entry in young blood entitled "kolgirl"

    keep blogging, fellow netizen!
    ooh. lemme hear you say zener, not senter! haha

  6. zener zener zener... ehhe

    thanks elyas! welcome to my blog!! add kita later ha.

  7. I was a callboi too!!! Hahaha!

  8. ditto. amma call boy as well. makati version. lolz! haven't read your blog's contents yet. but i'll immerse myself to your idiostncrasy in print.

    thanks for visiting my site btw. apir!

  9. @ Rico and Lio Loco
    - apir kapwa callboys! haha

    thank u for visiting too. :D

  10. hi. haha i thought call boy ka talaga. hahaha!

    i had my training at a call center too. so i somehow know a 'callboy/girl's' call center life. hehe! la lang.. i stumbled upon your blog.. just dropping by. :)

  11. was a 'callboy' too in cebu before..but when i went home i pursued a diff career..more like connected to my course..hehe

    nice blog by the way..good thing napadpad ako dito..hehe

  12. @darksphere_mai:
    - hehe,, nadali pala kita hehe.. thanks for dropping by.

    - buti ka pa iba na lifestyle mo kakapagod na maging callboy! hahay


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