Tuesday, June 30, 2009

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Sunday, June 28, 2009


I have known Rhona Florentino aka Kikayness for just a couple of months here in the so-called blogosphere. I like her bubbly and simple personality that's why we instantly clicked as Close Friends (CF) here in this virtual world. These are the following things I've learned about her:

1. She's a self-confessed frustrated Journalist. Rhona once wrote in her blog to explain how she got her blog name:
"Isa akong frustrated journalist na sa mga sandaling ito ay finu-fulfill ang kanyang pangarap na maging writer. At sa la mesa ng isang writer, hinde mawawala ang stains ng coffee at mga nagkalat na tinta lalo na kung hinde naman sya OC sa kanyang table. Ganoon ako kaya sya naging Coffee Stains and Inks." Like you Rhona, I used to dream to become a journalist or a news anchor too. Peru eto ako, nasa call center. Kaya okay lang yan Rhona. Besides, we're still young. May panahon pa! Huh LOLs!

2. And you might ask why she uses "Kikayness" as her nickname. Here she goes again:
"Ngayon, kung tatanungin mo naman bakit kikayness. Frustration ko po kasi ang magmalandi nyahahaha. Hinde kasi ako kikay. Gusto ko nang isang handle na hinde halatang ako (halatang may pinagtataguan hehehehe) kaya yan ang pinili ko. Una kong ginamit yan sa GTM hanggang sa nakasanayan ko na. Ngayon, usually isinasama ko yung tunay kong nickname para hinde malito mga tao."

3. She is highly-educated yet she stays grounded. She studied Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Magaganda Maynila. I have also learned that she finished her Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology at the same school.

4. Rhona's ultimate crush is Lio Loco este Jensen Ackles of Supernatural. To see the photo of Jensen, click here! Ay mali, here pala. LOL. Rhona has a very colorful "lablayp" as she has fallen in and out of love a lot of times already. Hence, if I were to compare Rhona to a flower, I'd say she's a wildflower. Bakit? Kase, wala lang! LOL

5. Aside from the fact that my CF is beautiful, Rhona is maparaan, madiskarte and workaholic. She is a blogger, a writer, managing director , an online businesswoman, an award-winning actress, a versatile singer and she is in need of part-time writers. If you are interested, send her an email at talent.shout1@gmail.com.

This is my entry to Rhona's Pa-contest. Blogger friends and visitors, please support me by leaving many comments. Hehe. Please drop some comments as much as you can! Nyahah!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Best Web Hosting Provider

More and more bloggers have decided to buy and get their own personal domain name. At first I thought, “well if it's just your personal blog you don't need your own domain. Private domains are good for commercial sites.” But as I've become more exposed to the web, I learned that there are advantages from getting your own personal domain name. Here goes the list of positive effects of having your own personal domain name:

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4. New E-mail accounts. Most personal domain name comes with free e-mail accounts.

5. A lot more. Feel free to name one.

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Hmm.. I wonder when will I be able to get my own domain name. *wink

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wishful Thinking

I wanna get to know you,
Get to see more than eyes can do.
Be drowned by your stares and smiles,
Get close to you despite the miles.

I know I suck at poetry. I don't have the talent. I can't even add another stanza to that "poem" above. Maybe I can but it will take another one whole week to do that. Or maybe just an hour if I get to see her smile again. Wanna know who she is? Scroll-down to the bottom.

Susunod na ang entry ko for Rhona's Pa-contest! Stay tuned! hehe

By the way, I wanna take this chance to say thank you to Jason, Ax, Eli, Dencios, Rhona at iba pang pabalik-balik sa blog ko para umabot ng 100+ yung comments ng LLM Entry ko sa pa-contest ni Otep. LOL


Just another Random Thought

Haha. Araw-araw may nagagawi sa blog ko nanaghahanap ng callboy! LOL

Eto oh!

Eto nga pala yung inspirasyon ko kaya nagawa ko ang napaka-ikling tula sa itaas. :)


Sunday, June 7, 2009

LLM Entry: Dreaming is Absolutely Free!

Who doesn’t have dreams?

We all dream each night. And I love it. I love it when I remember the last dream I had - sweet and pleasant dreams in particular. I could still remember the very first time I dreamed of kissing my crush on the lips. And she was just no ordinary girl. She was like the hottest girl in the campus! LOL. I knew, it was like a shot to the moon. I was in first year high-school at that time. It felt so real and surreal at the same time.

Each one of us has a dream. Be it realistic or a fantasy. I dream at daytime even when I am awake. As a matter of fact daydreaming is one of my favorite past time. Or you might wanna call it wishful thinking. And it is not wrong. It is just normal to dream of things that you don’t have.

That is why I enjoy solitary moments as that’s the time when dreams come running over my head like restless codes.

"The very substance of the ambitious is merely the shadow of a dream.” William Shakespeare
Dreams or ambitions are normal among normal people. It is said that abnormal individuals or those who are mentally-troubled do not have ambitions in life. How about you? Do you have ambitions in life, dear reader? I bet you have. So dream on! It’s absolutely free! Libre lang mangarap ika nga.

I was taught that daydreaming is useless if we do not set goals to make our dreams come true. I was also taught that goals can be classified into two, the short-term goals and the long term goals.

Short-term goals are goals that are achievable in the near future, let’s say, in a week, in a month, or in a year.

Long-term goals are goals that need excessive effort in order for it to be achieved. These goals have longer-lasting effects to one’s life.

"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude." - Thomas Jefferson, America 3rd US President

Having said that, I hereby list down my short-term goals and long term goals:

Short-term Goals slash Small Wishes

• Nikon D-40 digital SLR – I have always loved photography as an art. I love taking photos and capturing different kinds of emotions – joyful group at the park, solitary moment of a stranger by the beach, etc.

• New phone : at least Nokia N95, the latest Blackberry or a Palm Pre Phone will do. Haha! Joke lang! Nasira kasi yung phone ko kaya kahit simpleng phone lang ayos na.

Long-Term Goals:
  • Mansion: It was year 2002 when the typhoon totally shattered our house into pieces. So from that time on, we’ve been renting houses to live in. We have been going around Talisay City for more than 5 years already. And that’s not easy! That is why one of my long-term goal is to buy or build a decent house for my mom and my future family.
  • I want to get a car! Gusto ko yung at least 6 ang seating capacity. hehe
  • Surgery for my scoliosis: The last time I had my back x-rayed was three weeks ago and the result said my scoliosis has progressed badly and now it’s in 31 degrees. Maybe it’s the kind of job that I currently have that’s aggravating my condition. Mahirap kasi maghanap ng ibang job at medyo nakasanayan ko na ang pagiging callboy este call center agent boy! By the way, speaking off, akalain mong marami pa ring nag-sesearch ng “call boys in cebu” na napadpad sa blog ko dahil jan sa first entry kong “I Am A Callboy!” Nalaman ko to through sitemeter.com that’s embedded here on my blogsite. LOL! At marahil dahil half-naked ako jan sa picture ko, (tingin sa itaas, About me section), at dahil naka-display ang e-mail add ko, may mangilan-ngilan ding “mababait na nilalang” nag-i-email sakin at nakikipagkaibigan. Haha. Well, I like getting new friends, it’s not a problem to me. Basta ba malinis ang hangarin mo sa’kin at walang bahid ng pagnanasa ang mga “hi and hellos” mo. LOL. Haha. Thank you. Well, going back to my scoliosis, my physical therapist suggested that if my scoliosis reaches to 35 degrees, I might as well have my back operated. Yes, I’ll have to undergo surgery and that costs a lot. He said it costs around a hundred thousand! God, where on earth will I get that huge amount??! As I mentioned on my previous post, I was not born with silver or a golden spoon in my mouth.
PS: This is my entry to Pareng Otep’s Pa-kontest. His site is entitled “Libre Lang Mangarap! True enough, dreaming is free! So dream on guys! And please leave a comment as many as you can dahil paramihan daw to ng comments! LOL... Thanks guys! I love you. ^_^

And if you care for me and you wanna help me achieve my dreams slash goals. Feel free to…

Biro lang guys, peru pwede din seryosohin. LOL

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