Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What Happened to Steve Burns of Blue's Clues?

Do you remember Steve Burns of Blue's Clues?

I used to watch Blue's Clues when I was like 10-14 years old. LOL
Yeah the show was meant for younger kids but I guess I'm just a late bloomer. another LOL

Ever wonder what happened to Steve Burns after he left the show in 2002? This is how he looks like now.

Is Steve Burns dead?

I saw on Twitter that Steve Burns is dead. And then another tweet replied Steve is not dead.

Nothing puts a crimp in your day like finding out you're dead. Steve Burns is used to it. Time after time since 1999, in countless newspaper interviews and TV appearances, he's had to deny kicking the bucket. For some reason the public won't buy it.

The claim that Burns died of a heroin overdose first popped up on the Internet in 1998, according to the producers of "Blue's Clues," the kids' show that made the actor famous. No one knows precisely how or why the rumor began. At one point it was spreading so fast that Burns' own mother heard it and phoned him to make sure he was still alive (details from E! Online). Source:

Although almost every year rumor has it that Steve is dead, at present, Steve Burns is still alive. Check out his web site:

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