Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Reasons

Guys, pardon my lack of time to update this blog. Or maybe it’s not the time that’s lacking, it’s my lack of ideas and my lack of enthusiasm to post a new entry. In short, tinamaan ng katamaran mag-isip at magsulat. hehe.

Anyways, these past few days I was able to come up with a list of proofs or reasons why we should believe in God’s existence. Remember I had poll entitled, "Do You Believe That God Exist?" Surprisingly, there were 3 voters who said "No". Hence, I believe this is worth sharing. But hey, no offence to all atheists out there. I'm just sharing. Remember, sharing is loving. I got all these information from a magazine called Awake!

1. The universe is a masterpiece. When we look at a beautiful painting or admire a fine sculpture, we do not doubt the existence of a painter or a sculptor. Right? So when we contemplate a waterfall or gaze at a sunset, should we not be moved at least to consider the possibility that they are the work of a Great Artist or Sculptor?

"[God's] invisible qualities are clearly seen from the world's creation onward,
because they are perceived by the things made, even his eternal power and
Godship, so that they are inexcusable."—Romans 1:20.

2. The Big Bang Theory is flawed and ridiculous.
One example of its flaw is that, a certain Big Bang Theorist named Wendy Freedman claims that the universe is still expanding. Meaning, the Big Bang process is still ongoing until now. Her theory allegedly claims that the Big Bang process started eight billion years ago. Funny thing is, most astronomers believe that the universe is 15 billion years old or so.

3. Every living thing on earth is wonderfully made. One famous line of poetry says: "Only God can make a tree." Yet, far more marvelous is the creation of a baby, which occurs without any creative direction from parents. When sperm from the father unites with an egg from the mother, plans are quickly drawn up in the DNA of the newly formed cell to produce a child. "If written out," it is said, the instructions within the DNA "would fill a thousand 600-page books." That is but the beginning. The original cell divides to make two, then four, then eight, and so on. After about 270 days, a baby made up of thousands of millions of living cells of more than 200 kinds is born. And to think that the original cell had within it the information to make all the different kinds of cells and to produce them at just the right time!

"You yourself produced my kidneys; you kept me screened off in the belly of my mother. I shall laud you because in a fear-inspiring way I am wonderfully made."—Psalm 139:13-16.

Those who have studied these "miracles" feel a sense of awe. Dr. James H. Hutton, past president of the Chicago and Illinois State Medical societies, said that he was filled with amazement by the cell's "magical ability to pass on to successor cells the data they wish reproduced. It is indeed wonderful that our research scientists have been able to learn about such things. But some Divine Intelligence surely must have planned these phenomena."

Dr. Hutton continued: "In my own subspecialty of endocrinology, the study of endocrine functions and the disorders of these glands adds to the conviction that a Divine Power must be responsible for the marvelous complexity and function of these vital structures."

He concluded: "Contemplating these marvels seems to me compelling reason to believe that some omnipotent and omniscient power planned this universe, set it in motion and presides over it."

Awake Magazine: Do You See More Than Your Eyes Do?
Awake Magazine: The Awesome Universe—Where Did It Come From?

Note: The list is not yet finished. I'm thinking of posting at least 10 reasons. ;)

Also, I remember that I mentioned on my previous entry that my next post would be about working abroad. I will try to do that tomorrow. Have a great day guys! Smile. ;)


  1. teka base muna...

    monzki namiss kita sobra promise.tatampo na dapat ako seo kasi di ka nagpaparamdam ee..

  2. busy daw po kasi sya kahit nga ako nag tampo hek3..
    i believe that GOD exist..
    si BRO kitam nga nakakausap ni santino si BRO kaya naniniwala ako ..kahit na alam kong palabas lang yun..

  3. I like the bit where you said

    "we do not doubt the existence of a painter or a sculptor."

    That line was full of reason and faith all in the same time.

    Hey, I don't know what happened to my blog; there's a comments link at the bottom of my page when I look at it. Maybe a glitch?

  4. i remembered a line from a walk to remember when jamie quoted galileo:

    "The more I studied the Universe, the more I believe in a higher Power"...

  5. @Azul:
    - na-miss ko din blog mo. hehe. bumawi na ko ha, ang dami ko na comments dun. hehe

    - Uu busy talaga. tapos tinamad na rin. hehe

    @ Rico:
    - Thank you. Ika nga, everything around us is a proof that there really is a Creator. Ur comment form is now working! Cool!

    - napanood ko din yun! peru di ko masyado matandaan yung scene na yun when jamie quoted that. thanks luke. i'll visit ur blog later. i miss it.

  6. ai naku..wala silang pruweba para sabihing God does not exist...

    para saan ba ang lahat ng ito kung walang Diyos na magbibigay ng karampatang hustisya pagkatapos ng lahat lahat..

    and yah know..if God does not truly exists, it is such a mystery why good things come abound when one starts to pray...


  7. sana wala akong na miss na post mo..dyan lang naman sya palagi lalo na kung may mga pagsubok tayo..

  8. God do really exist. i had no doubts about it. the heck with the bigbang theory!....
    kumusta na parekoy?

  9. Me too, kinda daming ginagawa (may summer classes kasi) kaya di ako makapag-blog ng maayos lately.

  10. Well, I think that really proves na Science and Religion can't be put together.

  11. madaming reasons to prove His existence. The fact that you breathe every moment and you wake up every morning is already one manifestation that there is Someone who looks over you..

    nice post Mon. keep the faith!

  12. I really hope there is heaven Mon....

    There are a lot of people I wanna see again.

  13. @ Neex

    "Well, I think that really proves na Science and Religion can't be put together."

    In gist, Pope John Paul II said that science without religion is idolatry. Religion without science is superstition.

    I think that they balance each other, a coin with two faces, which could be mostly be related to almost everything. There are a number of ways that things can be interpreted. :-)

  14. @ vanvan:
    - that's a beautiful comment. tama ka jan. thanks.

    @ payatot:
    - wala ka naman atang na-miss na post. ako segurado maraming na miss sa blog mo. hehe xensa.. :)

    @ Mac:
    - i'm good. thanks. how about u? hehe

    @ bluguy:
    - ayos lang ako parekoy! salamat!

    @ Neex:
    - andami mo na kasing blog. hehe. i'm sure ur doing good at school. keep it up! :)

    @ Neex:
    - i believe kelangan lang ng mga scientist maging open-minded gaya ni Dr. Hutton who's mentioned above. :)

    @ Jhosel:
    - Great comment! i will durely keep the faith! U stay strong in faith din :)

    @ KJ:
    - that's a nice topic. i hope i can blog about that in the future.

    @ Rico:
    - thank u for the back up. :) i like that coin-thing.. :)

  15. pano yan, di naman ako magaling sa cosmology.


  16. tagal kong hindi dumaan sensya na.

    basta,my faith keeps me lang. :p

  17. hello!
    warm greeting from bike lover!

  18. monding, welcome back!!!

    anyways, i like this post of yours. Earth is itself a proof that God does exist.

    Quick question lang, I hope you don't mind.. Are you a JW? :D

  19. i do believe that god exist.
    yun lang masasabi ko.
    anyways nung nakita ko yung pic. nung galaxy..hmmm naisip ko nanaman yung tanong na paulit-ulit 2matakbo sa isip ko dati till now
    "kung ano ba yung nasa pinka babang-baba ng galaxy lol. diba yung universe..ano ba yung nasa ilalim nun..kasi dba nakalutang lang yung mga planets hehe"

    whaaaaaaaaaa ewan ko!!! basta curious talga ko dun ^_^ lols hahah

  20. One needs no reason or proof to believe in God...

    "Blessed are those who believe without seeing me." John 20:29

    HAyz.. Un na un. haha

    Ui namiss kita ah.. naghibernate ka ata. hehe^^


  21. @ AX
    - ako din eh, di rin ako magaling jan. hehe

    @ flamindevil
    - ayos yan! stay strong in faith ryeskii.. :)

    @ Bicycle Wallpaper
    - warm greetings din. balik-balik :)

    @ Reesie
    - Thank you. Yes I am a JW. Sad to say, i've been inactive for almost a year already.

    @ Shel
    - i believe the universe is a neverending space. immeasurable. Just like God. thanks shel.

    @ desza
    - Nice bible verse Desza, na miss din kita ah. welcome back!! hehe. thanks.

  22. may Diyos, may buhay, may MON...

  23. @ Dencios: haha. napaka-meaningful pre. i like it. thanks!

  24. nice points you have here. still an agnostic though.

  25. @ kokoi
    - thanks for your comment. agnostic ka pala ha!! ;) hmm.. people like you makes me more interested in blogging more about the proofs that God exists. Hintay ka lang may kasunod pa yan. LOL


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