Sunday, February 7, 2010

RF Imperialis

One thing that's taking up so much of my time is the game called RF Online. It is currently free to play and very cool game, well at least to me it is. ^^ And I've just recently downloaded the new RF Imperialis. RF Imperialis is simply a new server for the 3D RPG (role-playing game) RF Online.

You may download RF Imperialis through this link: RF Imperialis

RF Imperialis Features:
2.2.3 / Rates 35x / Cheapest cash shop of any server /5 Full time GMs / Daily, Weekly, Monthly lottery / Weekly GM events / Weekly Brawls for prizes / Public Ventrillo / Video Updates!/ Free port scrolls/

Note: Don't worry, I assure you that it does not have any virus on it. But as a disclaimer, download the file at your own risk. I am not hosting it. But I've tried it and it's safe. ^_^

Another Note: You need to have RF Online already installed prior to downloading RF Imperialis. I'm posting this as requested by a friend who needs this new server game.

You may also download RF_EQG_Updater here.


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