Thursday, August 5, 2010

13 Worst Marriage Proposals Ever Recorded on Youtube

Someone posted on my Facebook wall about 13 worst marriage proposals ever recorded on Youtube! It sounded funny so I clicked on it and turns out that it's just one of those viral scripts that are circulating on Facebook. These scripts will compel you to become a fan and automatically post a message on your wall without your consent so that you will also infect your friends who will then infect their friends... and so on!

So, to save everyone from being a victim of these "viral scripts" on Facebook, I decided to gather all of these funny worst marriage proposals ever recorded on Youtube!

1. Check out this video of a guy who tied the ring onto the balloon to surprise his girlfriend. Watch the video below to find out what happens next:

2. A certain audience named Mike of a Live TV show asked his girlfriend to marry him. Yes, he was very confident to do it a on a Live TV show with the whole world as the audience. Find out how his girlfriend reacted.

3. Marriage Proposal at a Baseball game

4. On the special edition episode of the NRL Footy Show in Brisbane, the host and Australian Miss Universe introduced a man who proposed to his girlfirend of 3 years in front of a crowd of thousands and milions of TV viewers. She was panicking and saying "you cannot do this now", she ran of the stage and left the man on stage with Fatty and Australias Miss Universe.

5. On a night before Valentine's Day, someone made a marriage proposal on an NBA basketball court in front of the million viewers. Watch the clip to find out how it went!

6.During half-time of the Washington wizard's game, a fan came out onto the court trying to win some money by joining a certain "blind" game. She was on for a huge surprise but didn't expect the next turn of events.

7. Another failed marriage proposal done on stage after a band's performance.

Okay, I know I said 13 but I only found 7. Check us out next time for more videos!

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