Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ten Random Things About Me

I was tagged by Rye aka Flamindevil to list Ten Random Things About Me and it's okay kasi wala pa naman akong na-iisip na topic for a new entry. As usual, the rule is to list down ten information about yourself, nine of them are facts and one is a LIE. So feel free to make a guess guys. ;)

Ok, so without further ado, here it goes...

10 Random Things About Me

1. I was born in Valenzuela City, Metro Manila. My mom used to work as secretary at a local law firm. She quit her job because his employer attempted to harass her and so we moved back to Cebu when I was 5.

2. I used to be a mommy's boy when I was younger. But as I was growing up, we've had conflicts which created a slight gap between us. But that does not alter the fact that I love my mom so much.

3. I am a 23-year old male virgin. No need to hurry. I am saving it for the right person and it’s gonna happen at the right time.

4. I stand 5 feet and 5.5 inches. I’ve always been unhappy with my height and I am so obsessed of gaining more height that I even bought 2 bottles of Cherifer PGM 2 months ago. Even at 23, I am still taking it daily. LOLz.

5. I have a mild thoracic dextroscoliosis 25 degrees. My back looks a little uneven but no, I’m not a hunchback. For more information about scoliosis. Visit Wikipedia.com and enter “scoliosis”. Hehe. ;p

6. I used to go to a gym as advised by my doctor. I had a physical therapist who used to guide me with the exercises. Kaso nung nalaman kong bakla sya, nag-quit ako kasi di ko sya type.. haha.. Nakakatakot sya kasi he was huge!! 5'11 ata yun!Medyo Chubby!

7. I’ve had 3 official girlfriends. None of those relationships lasted 4 months.

8.When I was in Grade 6, I thought I was infatuated with our PE teacher!! He was very good at basketball. Now, I've realized it was just plain admiration. Perhaps I was just looking up to him like a father figure or older brother.

9. One of the movies that made me cry in a movie house was Steven Spielberg's Artificial Intelligence (2001). The movie was like a story of a boy robot. It's like a modern Pinocchio movie (as if di nyo napanood, hehe). The fact that he went that far but was not able to accomplish his goal, that is, to look for the blue fairy who can make him a real boy, and that scene wherein his "mom" abandoned him in the woods because they thought he might hurt their real son, oh it's just so heart-breaking.

Watch the Movie Here:

10. Lastly, my favorite music artists are Jason Mraz and Michael Buble.

Wheow! Finally, I'm done with this obligatory post. ;)
And I would like to know more about the following bloggers, hence, you guys are TAGGED.

JAJA aka Bella

P.S: No Pressure guys, Take your time. Please, don't hate me. Peace! =)


  1. tol baka # 6 ang kutsero lang..?
    ganun pa man e mabuti naman at nakikilala ka sa tag na ganyan..

  2. for me 6 din yung chorva lang wala lang kasi sabi mo may scoliosis ka di ba.kaya ayun naisip ko.hehe

    napaisip aman ako dun sa #8.hehe

  3. this is a no brainer monmon.number 3 is a HOAX.haha

  4. @ payatot: nop. it's not a kuchero hehe.. thanx for the visit.

    @ azul: haha. ano naisip mo dun sa number 8?

    @ Rye aka Flamin: Haha!! What made you think i'm no longer a VIRGIN? Haha..

  5. medyo naloka ako sa number 8 ha..

    heheeh...ayan, sa aking kaparoo't parito eh, napadpad ako rito..

    cheers to that..


  6. number three is a big, bad lie! haha!

  7. fav ko din si jason mraz at si michael buble! as in patay na patay ako sa songs nila! ayoko nga pala maniwala sa number 3 ^^

  8. shoots! no.3 is kasinungalingan. haha. cool post. ituloy mo sana gym mo sayang naman.

    pero sa tingin ko sa sampung ito mabibigat ang rebelasyon sa sarili mo at medyo nagulat ako haha pero its worth reading. naks!

  9. @ Vanvan: Salamat at napadpad ka dito sa simpleng tahanan ko. balik ka ha! ;)

    @ theCHAOSPILOT: haha.. what made you think no.3 is a big bad lie? is it the virginity or the age? ;)

    @ cindyrella: Oh I just Love Jason Mraz and Buble!! Astig ang music nila!! I love The Remedy. Ikaw din no.3? tsk tsk.. haha

    @ dencios: Isa ka pa.. hehe!! hoi, hindi ko pa ni-rereveal which one is a LIE kaya wag ka muna magulat!! hehe.. thanx sa pagdaan.

  10. hay naku mon ang dali dali nito e di number four ang false!as if magcherifer ka talaga!hehe

  11. @ MAC: hahah!! Gusto mo ng proof? padadalhan kita ng pic na may dalawang bote ng Cherifer ako.. ;)

  12. ambot kung asa kaha diha ang dili tinuod...hmmm??ahahaha..blanch help me...charush!


  13. @theGreatMaldito:
    - haha. pa-anoni anoni ka pa ha!! heheh..

  14. Am i really obliged to do this?

    *isip isip*

    well then.. since medjo new pa ako d2.
    at sabi mo u wanna know more abt me..
    cge na nga!
    pero pag-iisipan ko pa ha! hahaha!^^

  15. ay may 10 truths chuva ka rin. teka, makihula ako.


    ... no. 3, virgin? *isip-isip*
    ... no. 4, cherifer? *duda*
    ... no. 8, infatuated tapos "he"??? kalokah 'to!!!

    NO. 3 YATA! hehehe!

  16. it's the age. and the virginity. haha. danton remoto is virgin until he turned 20 years old. yours is a lil over the top. haha

  17. WHoa! we've got many things alike..

    Like you, I'm one of the many who've been a mommy's boy.. I still am.

    Natawa ako sa #3.. hats off! =P

    Meron din akong mild dextroscoliosis,don't do anything for it however. nung nakaraang taon nga eh halos everyday ako may dive, worried na ako sa likod ko..

    Haley Joel Osment's movies (Pay it Forward, AI) are really moving, a surefire tearjerker..

    anyhoo, best regards..

  18. @ Desza: Hmm.. it's not an "obligation" actually... but we would be more than glad to learn more about you.. take your time ;p

    @ Ms Winkie: Wow! no.3 din? heheh.. kakatawa naman reaction mo sa no.8!! thanx for the visit Ms Winkie.. ;p

    @ theCHAOSPILOT: hindi ko kilala si Danton Remoto.. eto ba yun? http://dantonremoto2010.blogspot.com/
    medyo huli na talga ako sa current events.. tsk tsk.. thanks for the visit kris!

    @ Wilfred: we've got many things alike..? Cool! it's nice to meet you here wilfred.. pa-rehab mo na scolio mo.. ako din balik na ko sa pag-gygym.. at rehab for my scolio. Yeah Haley Joel Osment has been my favorite actor until now!!

  19. mon...salamat parekoy sa pagdaan sa blog ko.

    tuloy mo lang gym mo...kailangan mo yan....siguro naman professional ang approach ng PT mo sa iyo..kaya na problem bro...unless of course..may pagnanasa sa iyo hehehehe
    its a lovely day tol....ang lamig dito sa amin....

  20. @bluroseguy
    - medyo malamig din ngayon dito sa cebu. lalo na sa office. nanginginig pa nga ako ngayon while typing.. ;) Yeah, i have now a new PT. He's older and mukhang straight naman at hindi nakakatakot hehe.. Actually, I've had two PT's already before this one. The first one was very good and professional kaso he is now working abroad. Yung 2nd kasi parang wala masyadong alam. At masyadong "touchy" unlike the first one. Tsaka, pag-nagbigay sya ng instruction ibinubulong nya sa tenga ko, parang nang-seseduce.. ndi naman sya effective.. haha. So nag-quit ako!

  21. sori mon......nagmomoderate ksi ako eh kaya di napapublish kagad...dont wori...i'll find time

  22. Ur welcome Jaja. ^_^

    Ayos lang Abrel. :)



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