Sunday, February 8, 2009

Puppy Love

If smart people usually have stupid hearts, well, with the rate that my stupid heart is going, I must be a freaking genius!

That statement above that I’ve read from Flamindevil’s post, Question Everything has really made a hell of an impact to me. Why? Because I believe I’ve been cursed to live with a stupid and stubborn heart. And it reminds me of my puppy love. Might sound cheesy but it's true.

With the number of times I’ve had my heart broken, I can’t help but ask myself, “Am I intellectually gifted?” My mom would probably say “YES!” without a doubt. Why of course, she’s my mom. I’m her only son and she loves me.

Wayback in my elementary years, I may not be the brightest kid in class, but I never fail to be included in the top 10. When I was in grade 1, I got recognized as the No. 1 Most Outstanding Student with all other minor awards. Halos di magkasya ang dibdib ko to accommodate ribbons and medals. Haha! Yabang ba? Yaan nyo na po. Minsan lang to.

I graduated in elementary with honors and I belonged to the top 10. Ako yung tipo ng estudyante na hindi nag-aaral unless there’s an exam the following day. Kaya ayun, hindi ako makapasok-pasok sa top 5. Hanggang sa gumradweyt ako ng High School, based on the ranking, top 6th of the graduating class daw ako. That’s why, I have doubts on whether I am smart or not.

Ngunit kung pagbabasehan natin ang pangungusap sa ibabaw, then I must be very smart or intellectually-gifted. LOLs!! Cuz I believe I have a very stupid heart.

Puppy Love

When I was in second year hi-school, I fell in love with my seatmate. Her name was Lynette*. She had a very cute smile. Her eyes were tantalizing. Yung parang nasa anime. We share a lot of things in common, that’s why I easily fell for her. We were both raised with a single mom. Palagi kaming magkasama. Ako taga-gawa ng assignments. Taga-bitbit ng bag. Taga-gawa ng Art projects. She calls me “bessy”. I used to call her “buddy”.

We both loved “Flame of Recca”, a Japanese animated show in which Recca, the protagonist, claims to be a ninja and promised to serve and protect her princess all the time. Everyday we enthusiastically talk about what happened to Recca and her princess.

One time sabi niya, “Mon kamukha mo si Recca.”
“Ikaw nga din eh, kamukha mo yung prinsesa.”
“Really? Owwss!! Talaga?” Sabi ko naman, “Oo talaga!”

She gave me a wide smile and she had the most beautiful smile my eyes had ever seen.
And her lips were pink. I thought that was enough for an invitation so I kissed her. But she pushed me away. Then she stood up and walked away. Leaving me confused and broken..

That night I texted her telling her I was in love with her. She replied and told me to wait because her parents didn’t want her to have a boyfriend at that time. So I waited, and waited… and until my heart has gone tired. But since there never was a closure or she never told me about until when should I keep waiting. Maybe, I'm up until now, my heart is still waiting. For how long? I don’t know…

One day, she texted me this quotes:

We have two eyes and just one tongue, which means we need to look twice and talk once… We have two ears and just one mouth, so we need to listen more than we talk…We have two hands and one stomach, so we need to work twice as much as we eat… We have two major brain parts and one heart, so we can think twice and love only one. Isn’t it amazing that our body parts remind us on how to live right?


  1. naks puppy love..e now ano na gusto mo girl or boy?

  2. sarap mag remenis ano? basta dadating naman ang tamang tao sa buhay mo. chill ka muna ;-)

  3. hay... i remember my puppy love.... unrequited but kilig parin!

  4. @ Mac
    - Grabe naman ang tanong na yan!! Very off topic. hehe. Well, I'd love to see myself someday having kids and having a wonderful wife, so my answer would be, I'm still into girls.. but we never know.. haha!!

    @ dencios
    - Oo nga, the right one will come! Thanx dencios! Apir. =)

    @ Markey
    - halos pareho lang pala tayo.

  5. wag mo nang isipin ang number of times na nafail ka, isipin mo yong mga natutunan out from those experiences.....

    nagmagaling? hehe

  6. ang galing ng quotes na pinadala niya sayo! oo nga no! ang galing! ang cute namn ng story niyo! kamukha mo daw si recca! lol! so anu na nangyari sa inyo?

    ps add kit sa blogroll ko ha!! add mo na din ako!! ^^

  7. Hi pare, napadaan lang.. salamat sa pagdalaw sa housie ko ha.. ingatz! Godbless!

  8. sabi nga nila patience is a virtue but my dear you should also realize that time is gold...

    so i therefore conclude that 0-1 is cannot be borrow 1 from me..toinks..hehe

    wala lang may masabi lang..

    pa add aman sa broll add din kita..enkzie ;-)

  9. wow salamat naman.ganda ng billing ko dito sa post mo. *grins*

    galing naman ni monmon, one of the brightest yung puppy love?lagi naman may ganyan.crush lang yan mon.hehe.ayun.

  10. Ang February talaga.... it induces the emotions out of us.

    I can only hope that your "waiting game" will end soon.

  11. i almost bought the quote she sent u. until i realized na may apat na chambers ang heart natin. so, do we love four? :-)

  12. yun naman pala, matalino ka pala nung bata ka pa...

  13. @abrel - Oo nga tama ka abrel. I appreciate that advice.. talamat. ;)

    @ cyndi - kamukha ko daw nung time na yun si Recca! hehe kasi may bendahe din ako nun sa mukha kaya seguro ganun.

    @ jorge - Thanx sa pagdalaw din.. dalaw din ako mamya.

    @ azul - Medyo nalito ako dun ahh.. seguro i'll follow Time is Gold na lang over Patience is a virtue with regard to this "Waiting Game". Maybe it's about time to stop. Hindi na nga sya nag-rereply sa txt ko eh. Thanks azul ah.. appreciate that kahit medyo nakakalito.. hehe

    @ flamin - You're very welcome dude! Ikaw pa!! Idol kita dba? ;) hehe. Hindi lang yun crush dude. Tinamaan talaga ako nun.. ;) One of the brightest students nung elementary lang! hjaha!

    @ JesziBoy - Thanx for cheering me up! I appreciate that. thanks for visiting!! ;)

    @ KrisJasper - Oo nga February Talaga!! hehe.. Thanks for visiting!

    @ Marvin - Ang galing mo dude. Ngayon ko lang na-isip yan ahh.. 4 chambers nga talaga.. Peru dapat isa lang! wag 4.. wag ganun!! Be Loyal pa rin.. hehe

    @ payatot - haha!! Oo nga. buti pa nung bata pa ako.. ngayon ala na.. Kinain na ng radiation ang utak ko. LOL

  14. masarap magmahal...
    un lang hehehe have a nice day,....
    Ex link??
    tnx po..

  15. ang drama mo munding..echus lang..ahahhaha...okei...okei.....

    ayan..napakamanyak mo kasi..ahahhaa..

  16. may puppy ako, and love ko sya, matatawag din kayang puppy love un? hehehe

    mas marami ang babae sa lalaki, (ano n ba ratio ngayo?) kaya dont wori, marami ka pang makikilala.


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