Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Soltero’s Random Realizations

1. Alone but not lonely. Now that I am in a new team, there are times that I eat alone during my one-hour lunch break. It might sound sad but I take it the positive way. During my lunch break, I can go to my favorite restaurant located on the ground floor of the same building and there I can surf the internet via Wifi and check my Yahoo emails and manage my blog which I can’t do inside the office. There’s always a bright side in everything.

2. As a side note, funny how we call it “lunch-break” when in fact it’s usually done in the middle of the night or usually at 3am in the morning.
3. Note to self: Each of us has goodness in our hearts. So let us free our hearts from hatred and give forgiveness a chance. Let’s not be judgmental.
4. Every conflict can be settled just as long as both parties are willing to humble-down and admit their share of faults.
5. A wholesome and sincere smile from a friend or even from stranger can really make you feel good or can even brighten someone’s day. It feels good to see my former teammates smile at me. Makes me remember the good times and the bad times.
6. I received a text message from a friend and the message goes like this: “The most logical Philosophy of Work is embodied in ten words: Stay if you are happy, leave if you are not.” And I am in a sort of semi-dilemma. I don't know if I am still happy with my job. Funny how some good things would unexpectedly happen and would make me think of staying each time I almost decide to leave.

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