Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What's Up


It's been the longest time since my last post. Just wanna let you know guys that I am still breathing. ^^,

I just have a few lines to drop as I'm really busy these days.

1. My sincere condolences to all who lost there loved ones and valued things during the flood brought by the tropical storm, Ondoy in NCR and other areas in Luzon. I wish I was a real superhero so I could have picked each one of those helpless people trapped on top of their roofs.

2. But of course, we don't need super powers if we really wanted to help. Let us feel free to make use of the organizations (Governmental or not). To those who want to help, just send it to my paypal email address I recommend ABS-CBN's Sagip Kapamilya.

3. My apologies to those who have not received their give-away shirts yet especially to TSI, Edz, Shattershards, Ghie and Bogcess. I was contacting my cousin in Marikina because he offered to deliver the shirts to your addresses. But because of bagyong Ondoy, it might be postponed to on or before Oct 15. Wala na kasing akong budget ngayon para sa shipping. The funds I got from the sponsors were not enough because I overlooked to consider the shipping fees. Yeah I know it's my bad, but I just hope you understand. By the way, to Bogcess and Ghie, if you happen to drop by at this address: Club house chateau, Elysee Condo., Doña Soledad Better Living Paranaque city, you may get your packages from Lovely. But if not, I will get someone to deliver your package on or before Oct 15. Thanks.

4. I got hired by a larger call center company compared to my previous one. And they are currently mass hiring. So if you are interested to apply, please lemme know. Please click here for more info.

5. I will catch up with you guys later. Thanks.

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