Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Post for 2010

Ayun! 2010 na pala. Akalain mo yun?

English Translation: There you go! It's 2010 already. Would you believe it? (hehe bat parang mas mahaba yung English Translation ko. LOL. yaan nyo na. blog ko to. ^^)

Nyahaha! Pasensya na medyo masaya lang talaga ako. Kung bakit, secret na yun. ^^

Ambilis ng panahon ano? Iisang post lang ata nagawa ko sa buwan ng Disyembre. Isang mabilisang tanong lang, napapansin nyo din ba na parang mas mabilis ang takbo ng panahon ngayon kesa dati? Ibig sabihin ba nun mas mabilis na umikot ang mundo?

Anyways, how was my year 2009? I don't know about you but I am happy to leave 2009 behind. Hmm... Let me create a list about the year that was. Gaya-gaya na naman ako key (CF Rhona):

1. January. Year 2009 will always be a significant year to me. Cuz it's the year when I found the blogosphere and blogger friends. Technically, I started blogging in Dec 2008 but I found blogger friends in year 2009. Personal favorite post for January is Untiring Love: Lizard love story

2. February. It's the time of the year when almost everyone is in love. Personally, I don't celebrate Valentines but here's my favorite pic for that month.
Personal favorite blog posts:
* Why Do I Blog?
* The One that Got Away: It was an article written by Mark Macapagal of Manila Times. It's about that person with whom almost everything was great, almost everything was perfect, but the timing was just wrong. There was no fault in the person, there was no flaw in the chemistry, but the cards just didn't fall the right way.

3. March. I started promoting the Love Emo Shirt Design by ZeroBriant.
* Does You Handwriting Tell a Story? It's a tagged-post or a post for a tag (whatever! ^^) The main goal of that tag game is for the blogger to show off his handwriting by taking a picture of it and posting it on his blog. And I think I did well. Nyay! ^_^

4. April. We went to Olanggo Islands for Island Hopping as our Last Team Building.

It was a lot of fun. Swimming slash snorkeling was my favorite part of the day. When you go to Cebu, you should try Island Hopping. Just lemme know, I'll go with you, basta ba sagot mo yung gastos. LOL ^_^

5. May. Sumali ako sa Santacruzan. Kris Allen won American Idol. ^^ hehe feeling close. Manny Pacquaio won against Ricky Hatton by TKO on the 2nd round. On work-related stuff, this was the time when we heard about the bad news that the account will be dissolved and we will be transferred to a different account. That was sad, but we got over it.

6. June. We started our training at a new account but the same company. That's the time I was introduced to a somehow cool phone called Palm Pre. On blogging stuff, I joined three blogging contests:
* Rhona's Pa-kontest
* Otep's Libre Lang Mangarap Shirt
* OrphicPixel's Domain Contest

7. July. Started taking calls at the new Account. For someone who got so used to do chat support or email support, I was a little bit having a hard time talking to Americans on the phone but eventually got used to it. On blogging stuff, I launched my very first self-hosted All-About-Emo-Love-Article-Writing contest. Thank you so much to the sponsors. Congrats to Winkie, TSI, Jason, Ax, Lovely and Alvin! My apologies to Edz, Shattershards and Bluguy. Their prizes are still on its way. Actually I still have the shirts here. Di ko pa din na-papadala through LBC. I'm really sorry for the delay, I promise to send it within this month. I keep losing your addresses kasi. Calling Edz and Shattershards, please leave your addresses or simply message me on Facebook. Thanks. To Bluguy, pano ko naman ipapadala tu sa Roma? :(

8. August. Miss Winkie won my pa-kontest. I casted my vote for Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs of 2009 (Updated!)

9. September. I moved from my previous call center company to a new one.
10. October. I was introduced to the latest and coolest operating system developed by Microsoft, the Windows 7. I got trained for one month. Everyone was saddened by the Ondoy tragedy.

11. November. I was totally absent from the blogosphere. Not even a single blog post.

12. December. I joined the real estate business. On the call center-work-related stuff, I got a good news that I will be transferred to the Chat Support Team. And that's very awesome because I won't get to hear the voices of the irate and frustrated customers.

Yey! ^_^ What a sweet life!

In short, the year 2009 ended pretty well for me. I lost some, but gained a lot of new ones and new things.

“There is no better time than right now to be happy. Happiness is a journey, not a destination. So work like you don't need money. Love like you've never been hurt, and, Dance like no one's watching...”

- Anonymous.

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