Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Invisible Braces

A good teeth alignment is an asset because it gives you the confidence to smile with all your heart. And a nice smile may brighten someone's day. But what if your not-so-aligned teeth is preventing you to smile with confidence? Dental braces may be the answer. However, a lot of teeth braces users are complaining that besides the possibility of having their lips cut up, the braces are making them look ugly and geeky.

It is a good news that Invisible Braces are now available!

I saw a video on Youtube about a testimonial of a patient named Ade who used Incognito Invisible Braces treatment for 3 months. He said he has always wanted to wear teeth braces to fix the alignment of his teeth but doesn't want to look around like having a train track on his mouth. When he tried Invisible Braces by Incognito he was quite impressed because it is small, discreet and tight. After about 3 months of using Incognito braces he noticed that there has been noticeable teeth improvements. He noticed it the way his jaws are lined up.

He said he is quite pleased with the result because after a couple of weeks of using the Invisible Braces, he is already speaking normally. Another good thing about incognito braces is that it is quite easy to clean after eating. He recommends Incognito braces especially to those people in their late or mid 20's like him because he believes that it doesn't look good to have braces in your late or mid 20's especially if you're working. But with Incognito braces, people wouldn't notice that you are using braces because it is placed behind the teeth.

He said the progress has been amazing. In just 3 and half months, the improvement of his teeth alignment is very remarkable. He used to notice a small gap between his two front teeth but now they are so closed to each other.

I can't wait to try the Invisible Braces.

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