Monday, June 14, 2010

The New iPhone 4

A new and sleeker iPhone that features video chat, can shoot and edit high-definition (HD) quality video, and has a crisper resolution screen is coming up!

The iPhone 4 goes on sale in scores of countries this year, preparing Apple for its fastest-ever global roll-out in a bid to stay a step ahead of rivals like Google Inc. in a red-hot smartphone market.

The iPhone 4 will go on sale on June 24 in Britain, France, Germany, Japan and the United States and will cost $199 for the 16-gigabyte model and $299 for the 32-gigabyte version.

The touchscreen smartphone, which comes in black and white versions, will be available in 18 other countries in July and 24 more in August.

The iPhone 4 includes more than 100 new features including a front-facing video camera to allow for video-conferencing between iPhones, a better still camera, an improved battery and a screen with significantly higher resolution.

The new iPhone features a video chat program called “FaceTime,” as demonstrated by Steve Jobs, the Apple CEO and Jonathan Ive, an Apple product designer as they showed an iPhone-to-iPhone video conversation.

I got an e-mail an e-mail from a friend containing a link - I clicked on that link and got a page saying play these games to get a chance to win an Apple iPhone4. Disclaimer: Playing the games does not guarantee an instant iPhone. ^_^

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