Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Does Our Handwriting Tell a Story?

Have you ever felt like you were cursed to carry a heavier-than-the-planet-Earth kind of responsibility that lasts a lifetime unless you do something about it like passing the curse to someone else? That’s the kind of feeling that I get every time someone got me tagged to do a task. Haha! Of course, I’m just exaggerating.

Anyways, for the third time, I got tagged to do something and that something involves writing something and take a picture of it and display it on my something… uhmm blog. At first, I was worried about accomplishing this tag because I never liked my handwriting. But if there’s one thing that this so-called blogosphere has ever taught me, that is to never turn a blogger-friend down especially if that blogger-friend is the ever gorgeous and beautiful Ms. Winkie. Yes, it’s her again for the second time, she got me tagged. I just realized I’m her favorite when it comes to "cursing" err tagging a blogger-friend. But that’s okay, at least that means she acknowledges my existence as a blogger.

And so as I was doing the task, I was wondering who started this kind of tag-game so I could ask him/her what really the purpose of this tag-game is. Is there a moral lesson that one can get out of this game? And then I realized just like any other tag-game, maybe (just maybe) this can strengthen the “bond” or develop friendship among the bloggers.

In what way? Well, Aristotle once said, “Handwriting is the visible form of speech.” In other words, our handwriting can tell a lot about our character as an individual.

"When you pick up a pen and begin to write, everything that ever happened to you coalesces and travels down the nerves from your brain, through your arm, into your hand and out onto the paper in the flow of ink from your pen," wrote graphologist Sheila Lowe in her book, "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Handwriting Analysis,". (O ayan, may libreng plugging pa…^_^)

In fact, graphologists also believe in the connection between handwriting and personality. And since I am not good at describing myself, I think showing my handwriting to you guys is one way of telling a little bit more about myself. (Naks! As if you would care to know more about me. Haha!!)

So without further ado, here are the rules of the tag:

1. Write down who tagged you.
2. Answer these:
- your name / username / pseudo
- right-handed or left-handed?
- your favorite letters to write?
- your least favorite letters to write?
- Write “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”
3. Tag five persons.

Pardon my penmanship guys!

Yes Dencios, Lovely (of AnakngPating), Bluguy, Zyra and Payatot (of Lahat dito Chubby)! I got you tagged. Heheh!! You have to get it done within this week or else something "bad" will happen to you. Just kidding! It's up to you guys, this is not compulsory but we'd love to see your handwritings.

By the way, I took this "What Does Your Handwriting Say About You" quiz. And this is the result.

Your Handwriting Says You Are Somewhat Traditional

You are a fairly energetic person. You know how do pace yourself, and you deal well with stress.

You are very extroverted and outgoing. You are loving, friendly, and supportive. However, you are also manipulative and controlling at times.

You are balanced and grounded. You know how to get along well with others.

You need a bit of space in your life, but you're not a recluse. You expect people to give you a small amount of privacy, and you respect their privacy as well.

You are somewhat traditional, but you are also open to change. You listen to your head and your heart.

You are a decent communicator. You eventually get your point across, but sometimes you leave things a bit ambiguous.


  1. ay naku MON...hmmm parang flavor of the tag yata ako ha? heheh anyways..give me time...more time ..hanggang maklimutan ko na...di nman kailangan kasi may pktyuran pa eh.......mejo busi-busihan ang drama ko ngayon........pero sasagutin ko ito pramis next year maybe?

  2. mon, ang dami ko na talaga utang na tag at isa ka pa sa pinagkakautangan ko ngayon ha! yaan mo pag nakaluwag ako sa gawain ko e gagawin ko yan...salamat sa pag alala mo

  3. Pardon your penmanship ei? Ahaha! This is way better than mine and other bloggers who did this tag, c'mon!

    Sabi sa explanation ng handwriting mo, you listen to your head and to your heart. Nice. Panu ba pagsabayin yun? Dami kasi puro puso,o puro utak lang.. Tsk.

  4. @bluguy: yep paborito din kita i-tag.. heeh

    @payatot: opo, promise yan ahh.. gawin mo ah.. abangan namin yan.. hehe

    @dylan: Wow Thanks. ang sarap naman pakinggan na-appreciate yonmg effort ko. I'd rather listen to my head this time. Thanks!

  5. naku hand writing ba yan? naku wag mo na ako asahan, daig ko pa ang doctor! ^^ pero ang linis mo magsulat ah!! kakahiya sulat ko!! hehe!!

  6. Mon, ang sabi handwriting... NOT COMPUTER PRINT OUT! Hehehe! Grabe naman, OA sa ganda ang penmanship for a guy. Sino ba ang binayaran mo para gumawa nyan? Hahaha!

    Seriously, ganda talaga ng penmanship mo. And nice entry ah! I was thinking of doing the same, that penmanship and personality thing. Kaso tinamad ako. Buti na lang ginawa mo. Very informative post!

    Teka naman, parang OA ang description mo sa akin. Baka akalain ng readers mo eh isa akong dyosang gumagala dito sa lugar ng mga taga-lupa, Hehehe! And yes, you're right. Favorite kita... not only to tag ah! You're one of my fave blogger-friends :-)

  7. ganda naman ng sulat mo ah.

    at syempre,kelangan extra ang starbucks mug.hahaha

  8. 1. One doctor foned me @ work, verifying what I faxed her coz she couldnt read what Ive written. LOL!

    2. Ive got that starbucks flask too! Yey! Cool! Mine is blue though.

  9. Blimey, Monz, I'm not sure kung 100% posible ko magawa. Haven't got enough blogger-friends. But thanks anyways?(for asking permission to tag me before doing so) And talagang ZYRA ang inilagay, binaliktad ko na nga yun eh, ginawa ko na Aryz. LOLz. Extra pa 4 letters ng name ko, both letters you hate and love...wooot!

    Choco flavor ba yung Nescafe mo? Share nga tayo, di ako nakakabili eh. You have good penmanship, don't worry, I've seen worst...oOoopppsss....

    I'll shaddap na for now, I don't want myself to get hanged upside down by anyone who will recognize me here. Hey, if someone asked, tell them you haven't seen me... Thanks!

  10. Is that your normal style of writing? It looks more stylized, done just for this purpose, which would, of course, affect the accuracy of the analysis. Still, I thank you for quoting my book :)
    Sheila Lowe

  11. @cindy:
    - nakita ko na handwriting mo, di ba tapos ka nasa tag na to? cute naman yong sulat mo ah.. ;)

    - Hahah! Nagmukha bang computer print out? Heheh.. ako talaga gumawa nyan, di-nrowing ko muna, may mga pencil traces pa nga yan eh.. hehehe.. Tama lang yong description ko sa'yo, nakita ko kaya pics mo sa multiply account mo (stalker ako?) hehe ;)
    Thanks for appreciating my penmanship and for making me one of your favorites. I'm more than glad to to hear that.

    - hahah.. extra talaga kasi baka liparin ang bondpapers kelangan may pang-ipit, mahangin eh..

    - Now U made me curious about how your handwriting looks like. I should have tagged you. tsk tskk.. It's nice to know we have something in common, we both like startbucks! sadly, i lost my flask/tumbler yesterday..

    - I hope gawin mo yong tag ko sayo ah.. hehe.. yes i love Nescafe Choco Fudge!! Thanks for appreciating my penmanship. Are you being hunted by someone or is it the cops? hahah..

    @Sheila Lowe:
    - WOW!! I couldn't believe you actually commented on my blog. I feel so honored to see your comment. Yes it's a lil stylized for this purpose but my normal handwriting does not look so different. Please take a look at "The quick brown fox" on the 2nd picture, that's my usual handwriting when I'm not in a hurry.

  12. By the way, I thank you guys for taking the time to comment. Especially to Ms. Sheila Lowe! More power to you.

  13. wow parang pinaganda talaga ang sulat ah! hehehe

  14. @ poging payatot: Heheh syempre pinaganda ko talaga yan.. pinagpraktisan ko pa nga yan ng 3 days eh.. hehe

  15. monmon haha kakina kopa talaga nabasa itong post mo kaso kamo ay hindi ko ma access ang blog mo sa ofis namen. namumukutangi ka lang... ayun.... opo gagawin ko iyang tag na yan nextime ha? hehehe. ganda ng sulat mo a. ilang oras mo sinulat yan? parang ang pino e hehehe. pwera biro maganda sya :)

  16. at may starbucks pa? yaman... wala ako nyan hehe

  17. gud thing nag paalam muna ko sa paggawa ng entries sa blog ko..sus!ang gaganda ng sulat nio..natatakot akong matag ng ganyan kaya nag bye bye muna ako..ahahaha mahirap mapahiya...

    i thought you were left handed kasi yung way ng pagsulat mo ng "e"...

    mahilig ka din pala mag blogthings...daming personality test dun...

  18. oo mon, isa kang stalker! stalker!!! hahaha!

    ang taray, may special guest commenter... imported pa talaga ah! di ka na ma-reach, monmon! hehehe!

  19. ...madaya ka..sabi mo pangit handwriting mo..
    ahsus..ganda naman...

  20. wow ha hehe pwedeng pang sexetary (Este secretary) yang sulat mo sa school ah hehe ..
    at tama nga hula ko sinama mo ko sa tag mo hehe..kasabay ko pa si blu at dencio ehehe..
    at sosyal ang entry na to na kung tutuusin eh tag lang sayo hehe pero nilagyan mo ng kulay hehe...

  21. gi-tag pd ko ani ni flamin...i have to show my uber panget na handwriting.. hehe

    i love your introduction .. and your photo with the starbucks mug and nescafe sachet.. astig!!..madrama ang dating.. hehe

    add din kita sa blog ko ha.. ty

  22. mukhang tinrace muna using pencil ah. haha

  23. @dencios:
    - 3 days ko sinulat yan.. haha.. talaga bang nagkakaproblema ka pag-nagvivist ka sa blogsite ko? haayyzz.. blogger.com sucks!! hoi, yong starbucks pang-common people na lang yan ngayon.. may instant coffee na nga na starbucks eh. Thanks. :)

    - right-handed talaga ko, dinrowing ko lang yang letter e na yan.. hehe.. balik ka sa blogging ha pag ready ka na.

    - stalker ba ako? at least may taste naman ako as a stalker.. hehe.. Uu nga nagulat ako ng mag-comment si Ms. Sheila.

    - hindi ako pwede pang secretary kasi mabagal ako magsulat.. hehe.. sosyal talaga yung term ha.. hehe. thanks.

    - i love your blogsite too. very informative and your layout rocks!! Thanks, your link has been added na rin. bisaya sad diay ka.. hehe

    - tama ka jan, may mga letters jan na tinrace ko muna.. hehe.. peru 60 percent jan deretso na.. thanks. hehe

  24. sarap magkape... artistic ang sulat mo..

  25. aha! huli ka! to pala ginagawa mo pag wala si miss weng ha!!patay ka doh!if i know sulat kamay yan ni janet.ahahhaha

  26. @MangBadoy: Masarap nga talaga magkape. tara kape tayo!! hehe

    @Maldito: wag kang hangal bok!! heheh.. wag mo ko ibuking!! haha..

  27. monmonski,kaw na ang peek of the week ko ngayon. silip ka kung okay ba ang billing mo.hehe

  28. hey ryeSKI thanx for choosing me as this week's peek of the week. i appreciate it. ;)

    @Dencios: Monday pa seguro yong update boi!! ;)

  29. eh ang ganda kaya ng sulat mo!? ahehehe!


    oo magaling din yung si danny. pati si anoop. ang gagaling talaga ng mga kasali this year.

    parang ngang may pagka-john mayer nga din yung boses niya eh. astig.

    salamat, mate.

  30. @lucas: salamat peru bakit may question mark yung "mo".. ako talaga gumawa nyan.. wag kayo maniwala kay Maldito!
    Yup, paborito ko rin si Anoop at si Danny at si Matt "Buble"

  31. naks... traditional ka pala...

    tingin ko, patuloy-tuloy pa rin ang mga tag-tagang yan.. kaya maghanda handa ka lang lagi mon.. hehe

  32. huwaw! your handwriting isn't bad at all ;-) ganda nga eh!

  33. @edsie:
    - Traditional daw ako sabi ng result ng quiz. hehe. maghanda ka rin, malay mo i-tag din kita. hehe

    - Hi Caryn! Welcome to my avenue. Balik ka ha! Thanks.


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