Monday, March 23, 2009

On Global Warming

I first heard about “Global Warming” way back in first year high-school. Back then, I had no idea about what Global Warming really is. Back then, my limited capability of understanding things could only grasp the idea that Global Warming is just a natural phenomenon every summer. I was dead-wrong!

“Is there really something wrong with the weather?”

Well, the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research says: "When we observe global weather—the extremes in precipitation, floods, droughts, storms—and note its development, we can rightly say that these extremes have quadrupled over the last 50 years."

Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of the Earth's near-surface air and the oceans since the mid-twentieth century and its projected continuation is believed to be the result of an "enhanced greenhouse effect" mainly due to human-produced increased concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and changes in the use of land.
- source

In other words, human activities are causing this worldwide phenomenon to go amok. Yes, humans are the ones to be blamed. Our planet Earth has been abused to the point that it can’t take anymore. Although this problem sounds too massive for an individual to take on, there is still something that we can do to help in our own ways. So what can we do in our own little way to help prevent Global Warming?

* Drive less. Take bikes, walk or carpool whenever possible.

* Unplug electronics when they are not in use, because they still take up energy. At the very least, turn items off when they’re not being used.

* Run the dishwasher and clothes washer only when you have a full load, and if available, use the energy-saving setting.

* Plant a tree.

* Use nontoxic cleaning products.

* I'd like to end my list here. But we still can do a lot more. Please make a research. (",)


Note: The following information was originally posted by Wilfred at his blogsite.

On the 28th of March 2009, at 8:30 in the evening (local time), everyone is encouraged to participate on the first international election between the Earth and global warming, through the Earth Hour.

Let's all grab this opportunity to take part in this international movement and cast our vote for the Earth by switching our lights off for an entire hour (that's only sixty minutes or three thousand six hundred seconds). Leaving your lights on means a vote for global warming. The goal for this year is to gather one (1) billion votes for the Earth, which will be presented to the world leaders in the upcoming Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. The official goverment policies to take action agaisnt global warming and the subsequent climate change that will be determined from this meeting will replace the Kyoto Protocol.

Earth Hour was initiated last 2007 in Sydney, and was participated by 2.2 million homes and businesses. A year later, in 2008, it had grown up into a global sustainability movement with up to 50 million people switching their lights off.

This year, Earth Hour 2009 is being taken to a new level, where every individuals, encompassing all races, from different countries, are encouraged to VOTE EARTH. Every one is being called up to take a stand and control over the future of our planet.

Let's all vote because every vote counts.

Again, VOTE EARTH by simply switching your lights off for one hour on Saturday, March 28, 2009 at 8:30 PM local time, taking part in the global movement -- the Earth Hour.

Make a single flick at that switch, that's just it!

Should you wish to join, you can register by clicking on the "VOTE EARTH" ad in the sidebar.

PS: However, we all know that we have different circumstances. It may not be wise for some to totally turn off all their lights or their appliances. In my case, since we have a total of 6 electric flourescent lights in my house, I will make sure that at that very hour, 5 of them will be turned off and I will not turn my computer on. We all can make a difference in our own little way! Think about the future.


Wilfred’s Blog:

By the way, thank you Jeszieboy for inviting me to join EARTHHOUR 2009.


  1. paulit-ulit ang topic na to sa national geographic... have you watched an inconvenient truth? dun talaga ako kinilabutan tungkol sa effects ng global warming...

    sali ako sa earth hour...pano kapag nagka-blackout? haha! kidding!

    ahh yung sa palanca? nagdownload ako nung mga forms kaya lang ang daming dapat gawin..walang akong resources at oras at higit sa lahat inspiration! nyaha!

    but anyway, thanks alot :)

  2. First of all, I'm glad hindi na cbox ka nag-cocomment.. hehe.
    anyways, hindi ko pa napanood yong inconvenient truth but i will definitely watch it. sige sali ka sa earth our mate! sayang hindi ka pala sasali sa Palanca, seguradong mananalo ka sana.. ;)

  3. hmmmmmm. matagal na ring pinag-uusapan ang global warming....salamat sa pagpost muli ng information....ito ay isang usaping dapat talaga pahalagahan at bigan-pansin natin.....we are seeing traces of ts effect lately..... and at wider scale at informed and be formed for the future ofour children.....

  4. It might be warm/hot in some countries... BUT IT IS STILL BLOODY FREEZING HERE IN UK!

    We might start building igloos soon. waaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. First watched it on TV and now everyone's blogging it.. Told my parents about it and my Papa just gave me a BLANK STARE. Seems like, the youth are more active when it comes to saving EARTH! Ugh.

    Still, I'm a stubborn brat. I'm leaving them with no choice. COUNT ME IN! The inconvenient truth scared me.. BIG TIME. Guess I'd have to let my folks watch it so they can fully comprehend how serious this issue is.

  6. it really strikes me funny that i'm into environmental advocacy blogging and i've missed seeing al gore's the inconvenient truth.. haha. will be watching that as soon as i'll be able to get hold of a copy..

    anyhoo, thanks for spreading the word.. hope we'll all be able to cast our votes..

    best regards!

  7. i hereby certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge...

    see im englishing the comment of mine to yours too.yeah!

  8. buti pa si azul panay ingles ano? ako naman siguro, ang tulong ko rin minsan ay yung pag alis ng saksak ng mga appliances..dun man lang makatulong ako kahit grabe talaga ang epekto ng global warming na yan, iba na kase ngayon ang panahon di ba? mainit masyado at minsan sobrang lamig..

  9. I'll help spread the word. Salamat sa pag-inform. ;)

  10. ahh..kasi iba na yung type ng comment box mo...nagpalit ka kasi ng layout eh..hehe! ayun.

    sige panoorin mo. some US officials claim that Al Gore is crazy and global warming is just a hoax. imagine that...hehe!

    nako salamat sa boost of confidence but i doubt. uhmm...marami pa akong dapat matutunan. i even don't have a formal training when it comes to writing. saka na lang siguro :)

    salamat, mon...

  11. napaka educational naman nito... galing!

  12. napaka educational naman nito... galing!

  13. nice info po. madami nito sa net at sa cable tv. pero ang mga nasa liblib na lugar halos hindi alam ang tungkol sa bagay na ito.

  14. global warming? hindi totoo yang global warming-global warming na yan! maniniwala lang ako pagsecond ice age na!


    just kidding! :D

    yeah, i'm planning to take part in this year's earth hour. just a small gesture, but it IS our planet, you know. :)

  15. ang galing naman ng post mo. very informative. nice one, mon!

    hmmm... mapaparticipate din ako dyan this saturday. 8:30pm naman so cable time ko, patay talaga ilaw ko. pero tv bukas ah! LOL!

  16. an hour?thats kinda long LOL

    anyway does it covers all lights????or just one?hehe

    i like this template now,neat and peaceful looking...di ka mapakali sa kakapalit a hehe

  17. i love this post! maaga na lang ako matutulog para lahat e papatayin ko!

    you know i think no matter what happens, Mother Nature always has her way of balancing things around us. Minsan tragic para sa tao pero sa tingin ko tama lang yun.

    just a thought.

  18. @ BLUGUY:
    - tama dapat talaga pahalagahan yan ay kung concern tayo sa future natin at sa mga mas nakababata pa sa'tin.

    @ Reesie:
    _ Thank you for joining. ;)

    @ KrisJasper:
    - Isn't it weird that it's still bloody cold in UK? di ba dapat summer na ngayon? They say, maaring epekto din daw yan ng Global warming, abnormal climate pattern. i'm not sure though..

    @ Procne:
    - Yes, we have to be active about this cuz it's our future that's at stake. Thanks for joining. ;)

    @ Wilfred:
    - ako nga din eh, matagl ko na naririnig yang al gore's inconvenient truth, di ko pa rin napapanood. i'll make sure this weekend mapanood ko na.

    @ azul:
    - hahah.. ba't ka nag-iingles at off-topic comment mo ha.. hehe

    @ payatot:
    - tama, kahit in our own little way, makaktulong tayo.

    @ Neex:
    - I saw your latest post. Thank you for helping spread the word.

    @ Lucas: Papanooring ko talaga yan.. very controversial ah.. Thanks Luke. BTW, adik na din ako sa One Tree Hill. Kaso season 3 pa ko.

  19. @ Mang Badoy
    - hindi naman. medyo may pagka-environmentalist lang talaga ako.. hehe. Thanks.

    @ Eliment:
    - let's help spead the word. pano kaya natin gawin yan sa mga liblib na lugar.. anyways, yung mga nasa liblib kadalasan wala din naman kuryente dun diba? :)

    @ deejay:
    - hi deejay. nyahah.. patawa ka talaga parati ha. i love your blog. lagi akong napapatawa. that's ryt, let's take part. it's our future that's at stake.

    @ Winkie:
    - Thanks Ms Winkie. Don't turn off all the lights, kahit mag-iwan ka ng isa for safety purposes. ;)

    @ Mac:
    - hey mac, it's just 60 minutes. i think di naman kelangan lahat ng ilaw. kahit mag-iwan ka ng isa, konting sacrifice. wag muna mag computer at that hour.

    @ Kokoi:
    - Thanks. U have a point. But I believe we have to do something pa rin to prevent bad things to come. Ika nga "Life is what we make it."

  20. tinamaan naman ako dito..iniiwan ko laptop ko 24/7 kasi nagdodownload ako ng mga movies at shows sa mininova.

    pero napanood ko ang documentary ni al gore about this, really scary.

  21. @ Rye:
    - oi wala akong pinapatamaan ha.. ako nga din iniiwan ko laptop ko in sleep mode. or gaya mo pag nagdodownload ako ng movies. but i learned we really have to make some sacrifices. Thanks.

  22. @ kokoi: indeed, mother nature has her ways. however, the balance is obviously already ticked and the earth is finding it hard to cope with the rather wreckless anthropogenic disturbances. so instead of exacerbating the whole thing, we might as well do our own thing and intervene with the now apparent climate change..

    turning off the lights wouldn't hurt, i believe. *winks*

  23. i stand corrected, i believe there's no such word as "exarcerbating".. make that aggravating.. hahahaha.. lousy.

  24. @ Wilfred: Thank you dude. I really needed your back-up. di ko kasi masyado ma-explain eh.. kelangan ko pa ng further research..hehe.. galing galing!

  25. lagi kong ginagawa yung unplug at pag turn off ng mga appliances if unused. It has been part of my system

  26. indi mo ba alam munding na ako ang reason?

    ako ang reason sa global warming...

    im hot...and you know it..ahahha..

    wa pa nag init ulo imo bai nako?ahahahaha...

    mao na~ di naka mag gamit ug mga sprays sprays munding kay ka coz na global warming...



  27. thanks for posting about this ;-) this is a big issue in tokyo too; people are trying to do their best to conserve materials. we're also pretty strict with segregation and stuff

  28. Hi there!

    First heard of it when I was in Elementary but of course, seeing as I was too young, I forgot about it in the course of 24 hours lol. Lately lang talaga yung naging aware ako and I started to be conscious.

    I think that even if we say there are ways, people would still use electronic stuff and mamuhay ng maaksaya. Mahirap kalabanin kung yung mga tao di nakikipag cooperate and I admit kasama ako dun.

    I'll turn our lights off on that date.

    Much Love,

  29. ipag patuloy ang buhay kahit may global warming hek3...
    pero kylangan maging wais at mag tipid ...tama ba ko?

  30. @ Abrel:
    - gud girl. tama yan. unplug your appliances after using. hehe

    @ Maldito:
    - Hindi ka Hot bok. horny ka parati! hehe

    @ CPsanti:
    - Hi. Welcome to my Avenue. ;) i heard japanese are very disciplined with regard to this kind of stuffs. keep it up guys. Thank you.

    @ Halfcrazy:
    - Tama, mahirap talaga kalabanin yung matitigas ang ulo. thanks for joining.

    - Tama ka. Thank you. Ganda ng sulat kamay ah!

  31. mamaya na yung vote earth thigy na yan! hehe..join kami diyan.. :D

  32. @ pugadmaya
    - thanks for joing bro. ;)

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