Thursday, May 7, 2009

Flu Vaccine, Skin Allergy and Tags

I got tagged by Bluguy, Lovely, Mizmean and Neex.

Part 1
Eight things I’m looking forward to:
1. Go back to Kawasan Falls this month.
2. Get an internet connection at home.
3. Watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
4. Learn how to drive a car.
5. Learn how to drive a big bike (motor).
6. Date someone by the seashore at sunset.
7. Get a new physical therapist for my scoliosis.
8. Get back to the gym and work out soon.

Eight things I did yesterday:
1. Woke up at around 9:00 am. No, I was not in my spongebob boxers. LOL
2. Exercising - Stretched, bent, jumped, and jogged from around 9:00 to 10:00 am.
3. Watched MYX while eating breakfast, perhaps around 10:30 am.
4. At around 10:45 to 11:30 am: Bathed and got dressed.
5. Arrived in the office at exactly 12:45 pm. My work starts at 1:00 pm. Yey! Early bird ako! =)
6. The other day, our company clinic blasted an e-mail to all employees asking to confirm their registration for flu vaccination. So yesterday, I went to the 5th floor to have myself vaccinated.
The nurse was kinda cute. She reminds me of Maja Salvador and Kim Chiu rolled into one. LOL
Nurse: “Are you allergic to anything?”
Me: “Yes, I hate to admit it but I’m allergic to needles.” *sabay smile, nagpapa-cute kahit di naman!* LOL
Nurse: “That’s quite common. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna use a needle. It’s called syringe.”
*she smiled back! at biglang parang narinig ko ang kanta ni David Archuleta...*
...U got me hypnotized so mesmerized and I just got to know...
Me: Cool! Okay! Let’s bring it on!
*abot tenga ang ngiti.*

And just when she was about to pierce me with the syringe, buti na lang natauhan ako. Aside from the fact that the syringe has a needle, I remember I have skin allergies pala.
Me: Wait! I have skin allergies pala. Bawal sa'kin ang eggs, crabs, balot, prawns, at kung anu-ano pang seafoods.
LOL. I’m not sure if it made you laugh. Haha.

7. Worked til 10 pm.

8. Went home at 10:15 pm.

Eight things I wish I could do.
1. Drive a car.
2. Get a good and knowledgeable physical therapist.
3. Fly. Literally, I wish I could fly like a bird.
4. Swim like a fish in the oceans.
5. Run very fast like a cheetah.
6. Keep everyone who really matters to me.
7. Have the courage to tell someone how much that someone means to me.
8. Stop myself from falling for the wrong person.

Like what I always say, it's not compulsory guys! It's all up to you. No pressure.
PS: Thank you Lovely and Bluguy for the blog award! :) I appreciate it so much, beyond words.


  1. 7. If there is just one blogger whom you haven’t met and would like to meet, who would it be and why?
    Pwede secret na lang. Add me up on YM. I'll tell you. haha.
    ym kita para malaman ko kung sino to hehe curious ang lola mo hehe..
    1. Based on how you know this blogger through his (or her) blog, who would you like to be in a serious relationship with?
    Secret pa rin. LOL
    parang pareho lang yang 2 yan hehe..:)

    wahaha unang-una ako sa tag ah hehe,..bago yan parang exciting sya sagutin hehe..magawa yan sa next post..

  2. "7. If there is just one blogger whom you haven’t met and would like to meet, who would it be and why?
    Pwede secret na lang. Add me up on YM. I'll tell you. haha.
    ym kita para malaman ko kung sino to hehe curious ang lola mo hehe..
    1. Based on how you know this blogger through his (or her) blog, who would you like to be in a serious relationship with?
    Secret pa rin. LOL
    parang pareho lang yang 2 yan hehe..:)"

    hmmmm i wonder kung sino cla...ibulong mo sa akin sa ym huh..ahehe

  3. "I think I'm getting famous in this so-called blogosphere. Haha! Well, you can't blame me for thinking that way. For the N-th time I got tagged, not only by one person but by four very beautiful persons in the blogosphere. *sigh* Now, I understand the real meaning of the saying "with popularity comes responsibility"."

    no doubt, ur getting the narcistic fever my friend...sabi nila it comes with swine flu daw...hehehhe

  4. @ Azul and Lovely:
    - ang bilis nyo naman mag-comment. na-edit ko na. add me on Facebook pala not YM. hehe

    @ mizmean
    - wow bagong symptom yan ah. narcistic fever! hehe

  5. ay naku monzki anu facebook mo?add kita now na..

    ahaha lahat talaga gagawin makatsismis lang weh noh..ahaha

    tse suplado ka sa ym

  6. ok yung nurse mo ha, hehehehe nurse talaga yung napansin ko sa post mo nyahahaha.

  7. monz, relax..hindi ako makikitsismis..magkokomento lang..aheks..

    ang kyut ng pusa..

    ang dami naman nitong 8's na ito..

    daan ako!

  8. ekyus me mon! hindi fabricated ang stories sa gtm no! hmmph! lahat yon pawang katotohanan lamang! :P

    hehehe. seriously, salamat sa special mention ha! mwaah! tsaka tama ka, mon, yor peymus naw, my pren. paberjer ka naman jan! :P

  9. haha..sira.. natawa ako dun sa conve mo with the nurse..lmao. parang nawala sa sarili eh. haha.. grabe din ng hirit mo ano? yea.. sikat kna ngaun man! nyahaha.. dami mo tag.xD

  10. @ azul
    - search Monz Avenue. hehe. thanks!

    @ zeb
    - uu. okay na okay! hehe. mas okay pa sa olryt! LOL

    @ vanvan
    - hehe. thanks! hahay! buti na lang di ka makulit. hehe

    @ deejay
    - at may kiss pa! panagutan mo yung halik na yun deejay!! LOL

  11. @ kathrinx
    - crush ko na talaga yung nurse na yun. ma-diskarte din eh. thank you kath! ;)

  12. sows! bat parang nabuhay na naman yang tag-tagang yan? tsk tsk. dami ko na ring utang. pero saka ko na ipopost, kapag ala na kong maisulat. hehehe.

    hahaha. gusto ko ung survey tag mo. masarap sagutin. hehehe.

  13. Mon, pag may nahanap kang ok na PT share mo naman sakin....i also have scolio e...tsaka spinal stenosis :)

  14. salamat sa tag at payback time pala ha! Hmm..i'll try to answer it 2moro.....2moro after 2moro....maybe a year after 2moro......joke!
    mamaya....mamayang gabi....mamayang hatinggabi....
    bukas na lang kaya!

  15. megan is way too hot. hehe

    minanyak mo pa yung nurse, kidding.

    puro secret nman pinagsasagot mo e haha.

    btw i jog at dusk. minsan mga 9pm. 30-45 min. pang gabi ako sa ganyang aspeto hehe

  16. pusang nakadamit ng tao? naku nakaka allergy yan sa mga bata lalo na kung may asthma...cograts sa tag, friendly ka kaya marami nag tag sayo

  17. @ Lio loco
    - uu eh laganap pa rin ang tag-tagang ito hehe. kung tag kita sa survey-tag na yan hehe

    @ kikayness
    - hehe taga saan ka ba?

    @ bluguy
    - gawin mo na agad hehe. thanks

    @ dencios
    - megan is just good enough for me haha.. that's gud parekoy stay fit. hehe

    @ payatot
    - haha salamat po prendly talaga ako.. tag kita next time ;)

  18. wheeeeeeee tama ka nga naman kuya monzkie ur kinda famous naman tlga d2 blogosphere dahil goodlooking ka na + mabait pa!! :) oh dba..heheh

    nyways kakatuwa naman ^_^ kasi tlgang lahat ng tag sau sinasagutan mo..nice *clap

    dito naman ako super natawa hehe kulit ^_________^ lol
    "4. Have you had sex with a reader?
    Not yet. LOL"


    e2 naman ang sweettttttt

    "6. Date someone by the seashore at sunset."

  19. wow ang galing mo pala mambola ha! naniwala naman ako dun haha!!

    i really hope and pray that u get a job very soon. ingat palagi shel!


  20. Me? Narci? well.... LOL!

    I didnt know you have scolio....

    At gusto mo pang magdrive ng motor?

  21. las piñas nga lang hehehehe *toingks

    btw, i added yu na sa blog roll ko :)

  22. hmmm.. nakaka curious ah,.
    sino kaya ung tinutukoy mo dun sa ym nlng kamo sabihin?
    haha. :]]

    -happy mother's day to yer mom! :]

  23. @mon: ganda ng bucket list no? haha ang totoo nyan, gusto ko na ding gumawa ng listahan. yey!

    >>ang haba ng listahan mo. haha
    "6. Date someone by the seashore at sunset." - haha cheesy!!!


  24. thanks kuya monzkiiiii ^_^
    wheeeee heheh :)

    btw di naman aq nambobola noh..heheh :)

    totoo kaya!!!

  25. @ KJ
    - yeah KJ, sad to say I have a mild thoracic dextroscoliosis 25 degrees. uu pangarap ko magdrive ng big bike.

    @ kikayness
    - thanks. i'll add u up na rin. =)

    @ jeszieboy
    - add me up on facebook jeszieboy. hehe. happy mothers day to yer mom as well. =)

    @ elYas
    - uu minsan cheesy /corny talaga ako.. ganyan daw talaga peru magmukhang cute. lol

    @ shel
    - wow. sige na nga naniniwala nako. lol

  26. oh wow! you should feature kawasan falls here. i heard a lot about it and seen some photos. that ill definitely be anticipating. next time i visit cebu thatll be one of my stop including the town of carcar and camotes island.

  27. 10. buti na lang nandun ako sa bloglist mo! whew!

    7. nakow, may pagnanasa ka ba sa blogger na yun?

    1. okay tell me na! i am ready to die right this moment! hehe.

  28. Hi Monding!!! Payback time talga ah! Hehehe. Thanks for tagging me. Feeling popular na rin ako. Hahaha.

    I'll do this as soon as I can. :D

  29. @ the Dong
    - yeah we went to kawasan last october but that was a lil rainy so the water was not so clear medyo brownish but despite that, we still enjoyed the trip. maybe i will post the pics one day. thanks!

    @ Ax
    - walang pagnanasa oi! grabe ka naman! hehe.. hey the info is not worth dying for. ;)

    @ Reesie
    - haha.. sige Reesie abangan ko yan. thanks!

  30. sikat na sikat ka na nga! an i'm a follower :D

    nako gusto ko na ring matutong magdrive. kaya medyo anxious ako gawa ng yung mga pasyente ko dati sa hospital puro vehicular accident..ayun..hehehe!

  31. bloghopping lang po!
    mukhang si megan fox ang favorite choice ng lahat ah.ü
    akala ko noong una, yung monavenue at ang monsavenue eh iisa. kaya po ngayon lang ako nakadalaw dito.
    God bless po!

  32. uy namention nya si david archuleta... uuuuy! kras!

    hehehe! bat naman kasi ganito sa blogger, hindi threaded ang comments! hmmph! hehehe!

  33. Hello Monz.... Hehe :) Daming tanong.....

    Nagdrop by lang ako...

    May bakuna na ako sa FLU... Kumpleto na ako sa bakuna.

  34. Hi Monz!

    Yup, I started blogging just this Feb of 2009!

    Sorry, chat widget is disabled here at the office, that's why sa bahay lang ako nakakapag post sa cbox mo!

    May be sa bahay, Ill post again my answer at youc chatbox!

    gandang araw!

  35. RE: Flu vaccine...Hahaha! Kakatuwa yung imagined background music mo during your conversation with the naaaars. :D

    RE: Eight things I wished I could do...I literally LOL-ed @ items 3, 4, 5! Panalo sa hirit! ;)

    RE: Good Times Manila...I love, love, love that site! Hahahaha. I almost thought the stories were real when I first read it, not until my eyes caught the word "SATIRE". So I LOL-ed at myself for almost believing the outrageous stuff written there. And I could only agree with what you said, the guy behind the site is very good! (at fabricating stories, that is.) :D

    RE: Megan Fox...ooooh, now that's what you call hot!--I mean, not the act of you doing it with Megan...but just Megan herself...errr, that sounds kind of freaky. Well, let me just put it this way: "Megan Fox is HOT." That's it. Yeah. Less is more. LOL! Hahahaha.

    Had fun reading the random stuff in this post! Keep the fiiiiire burning, bro. Cheers! :)

  36. nilabas mo na kakainin mo pa ulit??? yack! ang gross mo, mon! hahaha! salamat naman sa palagiang pagbisita...hehe!

    peace out!

  37. wala pa update? :)

  38. @ Lucas
    - sikatchupoy na ako. haha. thanks mate. ako di anxious. yung mom ko anxious for me. hehe

    @ Brotherutoy
    - hmm.. favorite mo rin si Megan ano? san yung monavenue? penge naman ng link. thanks sa pagdalaw. dumadalaw din ako sayo, kaso nahihiya ako magcomment. hehe

    @ Deejay
    - huh? sinong may crush? baka ikaw. hehe

    @ Lionheart
    - Good to know ur already vaccinated. Tama ba yung term? hehe. Thanks for dropping by.

    @ Ax
    - Thank you for the reply pre. I-nominate kita. ;)

    @ Raymond
    - Nakaka-relate ka seguro sa Crush music bkgrd ano? hehe. Fan ka rin ni Megan Fox? LOL @ Deejay comment. Thanks bro!

    @ Lucas
    - eww.. hehe.. parang asong ulol lang gumagawa nun. Thanks mate!

    @ Dencios
    - Update is coming up!!

  39. I was so stupid to post this comment on your previous entry..kaya eto..hehe.sensya na:

    can you believe this monmon?after 10 years nakabalik na ko ulit sa blog mo.hehe.sensya na

    talaga.sobrang stress sa dayshift.pag-uwi direcho tulog na si pareng rye.


    Woke up at around 9:00 am. No, I was not in my spongebob boxers.

    I believe the 1st sentence.the second?C'mon.haha

  40. preng ryeski! ayos lang kaw naman. maraming salamat at inulit mo pa talaga. bait-bait naman. hehe

    bat ayaw mong maniwala? syempre isa lang yung spongbob boxers ko oi. hehe

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