Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spongebob Boxer Briefs

Today, I had a very bad morning. I woke up at exactly 8:00 AM because it was extremely hot. I felt like I was on fire. No, I felt like I was in an oven. I checked out my electric fan and I could see that the dial is in the ON position. I pressed the light switch. Then the light came on.

“Geezzz! I need a new electric fan!” I blurted.

I went outside and stand along the alley as it was very hot inside our house. I whistled to summon the wind. “Wheoooooooowwww!!” And the wind was obedient. As I was enjoying the morning sunshine, the fresh air and the pleasant music created by the tiny birds, I noticed that every passer by would stare at me for like 2-3 seconds and smile. Then I smiled back. Then they would turn their head away but the silly smiles are still on their faces. Some would crinkle their nose or shake their head while smiling. So, I was like, “Hey what’s going on?”

Then a pretty 19-year-old-girl-next-door shouted, “Hey spongebob looks good on you!” Then, that’s when I realized I got no clothes on except my skimpy spongebob boxer briefs. OMG!!! Geez, what a way to jumpstart my day!

Lesson learned, humarap sa salamin bago lumabas ng bahay! LOL


Tagged for the Nth time

I got tagged again. *sigh* *Feeling sikat na'ko ngayon sunod-sunod na kayang ang tag sa'kin* LOL.

This time by a very pretty nurse named Shel to list down 5 facts about me. I wonder what will I have in return for doing this tag. Hmm.. Kahit vaccine man lang against Swine Flu. Ayos na. Hehe.

I already had a post pretty similar to this and it was also a tag entry. It’s entitled Ten Random Things About Me. Therefore, let me just copy and paste some facts from that post to this entry. Hehe. I hope you don’t mind.

1. I was born in Valenzuela City, Metro Manila. We moved back to Cebu when I was 5.

2. I used to be a mommy's boy when I was younger. But as I was growing up, we've had conflicts which created a slight gap between us. But that does not alter the fact that I love my mom so much.

3. I stand 5 feet and 6 inches. I have always been unhappy with my height and I am so obsessed of gaining more height until now. Too bad, CHERIFER is no longer working for me. Please help me!

4. I have a mild thoracic dextroscoliosis 25 degrees. My back looks a little uneven but no, I’m not a hunchback. For more information about scoliosis, visit and enter “scoliosis”. Hehe. *wink*

5. One of the movies that made me cry in a movie house was Steven Spielberg's Artificial Intelligence (2001). The movie is basically about a story of a boy robot. It's like a modern Pinocchio movie (as if di nyo napanood, hehe). I was saddened by the fact that he went very far but was not able to accomplish his goal, which is, to look for the blue fairy who can make him a real boy. And that scene wherein his "mom" abandoned him in the woods because they thought he might hurt their real son, oh it's just so heart-breaking.

That would be all for today! Have a great day guys!

We choose how we see people. When we want to like someone, we can be so tolerant. When we want to be irritated by people, we focus on their faults. It's not other people's behavior that determines how we feel about them - it's our attitude. - Anonymous


  1. hahaha, ikaw kase lumalabas ka ng di mo alam ...pero paborito ko yan suot mo dahil napaka sarap panoorin nyan kasama si patrick, naku rambol na pag yan ang pinanood ko

  2. lol kuya mon! ngaun naiintindihan ko na kung bakit never sinuot ni David Archuleta yung pair of spongebob pajamas nya! hahaha... lol mas malala yung iyo, boxer shorts hahaha! jk

    take care always and God bless!<3

  3. haha. malamang na bagay sayo yan, ikaw pa. e HUNK ka.

    mon padalhan mo naman ako nyan dito sa dubai o :D

  4. haha. malamang na bagay sayo yan, ikaw pa. e HUNK ka.

    mon padalhan mo naman ako nyan dito sa dubai o :D

  5. hahahaha...basta alam ko bagay sa iyo!....what ahhh! to start your day....
    makabili nga hehehehhe

  6. @ payatot
    - ako di ko paborito si Spongebob. May nagregalo lang nito kaya meron ako nito. hehe

    @ unnoticeably
    - wow parang close talaga kayo ni David A. ha! hehe. thanks. tc and GBU too. :)

    @ dencios
    - wahaha!! hunk talaga? baka hunghang! tatanga-tanga lang ako. hehe. tsaka ko na ipadal sayo to pagsawa nako. lol. ikaw kaya ang balikbayan. dapat ikaw magbigay ng regalo. hehe

    @ bluguy
    - talamat parekoy! bili ka ng marami ha, tapos penge!! lol

  7. kung ako kaya ang nakakita sayo,ano kayang sasabihin mo sa reaksyon ng mukha ko hehe..kung ano ung reaksyon ko sekreto na lang un mon pero kung pipilitin mo ko at may prize ako na spongebob hehe sasabihin ko hehe jokeness..
    pero nice boxer brief ha hehe u look a hunk siguro haha..:)wooot..
    buti naman at wala kang nitatag sa mga tag na binibigay sayo kuya mon hehe..

  8. whahahahahah lols. kuya monzkie ^_^ okei lang yan atleast napansin ka ni pretty-girl-next-door haha ^_^ *toinks. un nga lang dyahe :D @ gaya nila..fave. ko din c spongebob hahah super-duper love ko cla ni patrick wla kong gnwa kundi 2mawa ng 2mawa pg pinapanuod ko sila ^_^

    ui kuya thanks pla dhil u didn't ignore my tag. heheh ^_^ ayun salamat and godbless mwah!!!

  9. @ lovely
    - malamang di ko na makita reaksyon mo kasi kumaripas na ko ng takbo pabalik sa loob. lol

    @ shel
    - uu nga thanks to spongebob napansin nila ako. lol. thanks din. ingats!

  10. tama yung gurl next door! heheh!!that's cute ^^

  11. Haha! That means next time, mag-hugas muna ng mukha para totally magising. :P

  12. Cute ng boxers! nyahahaha.

    Naiyak din ako sa AI *sniff

    Uy thanks sa pagdalaw sa e-bahay ko.. :)

  13. at bakit naman kasi may sponge bob boxers ka? idol mo ba si sponge bob, mon??? hehehe!

    nabasa ko na nman ang cherifer, hehehe! tanggapin mo na kasi na over-age ka na sa cherifer! LOL

  14. @ cindy
    - akala ko ako yung cute. LOL

    @ Neex
    - tama maghilamos muna. lol

    @ joycee
    - parehu tayo @ AI. apirr! ur welcome!

    @ Winkie
    - may nagregalo lang sakin nun. hehe. tama ka, i'm too old for cherifer. huhu

  15. buti na lng walang dumaang pulis. may kaso ka na sanang public display of illegal wear. hehehe... add kita sa blogroll bukas. patulog na kasi.

  16. okei ah! saan mo naman nabili 'yang sponge bob shorts na yan? :D
    (nagbabalak bumili?)

  17. okie lang yan atleast ndi thongs..wakokok

  18. @ the Dong:
    - uu nga buti na lang talaga walang pulis kundi kalaboso ako na naka-boxer briefs. lol

    @ pugadmaya. regalo lang yun. 3rd time ko na sinabi to ah. hehe

    @ wala naman akong thong. haha

  19. basta cute si spongebob! wahahaha!^^,

  20. spongebob squarepants!

    er, spongebob squareboxers!

  21. hmmm..nd tlga ko mhlig s bakbakan!hehehehehehe!

  22. @ desza
    - hay! sana ako na lang si spongebob. LOL

    @ Ax
    - haha.. u shud get one now! stocks are limited! LOL

    @ Jaja
    - ako din eh di mahilig makipagbakbakan ng naka boxers. LOL


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