Monday, August 3, 2009

Life Gives Rewards

Even if I do things the right way, some would still be unhappy and will not appreciate what I say and do, and there would always be people who would try to bring me down. This is not a perfect world and this is not a perfect life. Life is almost always unfair. But LIFE gives reward to those who dare to live it right. I'm waiting for mine. Haha.

Here's my little way of giving tribute to Mdm. Cory Aquino, one of the few people who dared to live life the right way.

Note: The image above was not made by me, I just got it in my inbox.

Today is August 4, 2009 and today I hereby announce that the submission of entries / posts is now officially closed.

However, the contest is still on going. You may still vote and comment for your favored entries until August 6. Due to some semi-violent reactions, please disregard the 40-only-rule that I imposed previously. Each commenter may comment as much as he or she wants. Hehe. Sorry for the inconsistency.

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