Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mon's Top 4 List of Things From Your 20's or Teens That You'll Regret When You're 40

Note: You must have read an article similar to this one from coedmagazine.com or from a forwarded e-mail. But I tell you, although we may have the same message, this one is my own version. That banner above by the way, is from Coedmagazine.com. ^_^
I got inspired to create this post when I saw a long-lost friend whom I believe has gone astray. He's now got 2 piercings on both ears and a piercing on the nose. He also has tattoos all over his nape down to the lower back.

These days, what people may only seem to care is how to live life to the fullest in whatever manner they desire. Trying different things may sound fun and harmless. True enough, having fun while you're young is good. But there are things that's being done by a lot of young people nowadays which I personally believe that there will come a time that they will regret they did such things.

1. Body Piercings

- Nowadays, a great number of teenagers and young adults have a body piercing. These can range anywhere from your belly button to your tongue. Personally, I don't understand why some people think having tunnel-sized ear holes/piercing is cool. By the way, I am giving an exception to those people who come from ethnic groups where body piercing is considered a tradition and/or an art. But if you are just a city dude and you are not from any ethnic group, then it may be something else. KSP-ness that is.

Bad Effects: First impressions are important to many people. In other words, you can't blame a sales clerk who gives you a suspicious look thinking that you are dangerous - pick-pocket, shoplifter or worse a hold-upper. Also, most employers may have a negative opinion about body piercings. It can be your major downfall from getting your desired job. Some employers and/or interviewers may think the applicant has no respect for his body. As a matter of fact, some company may have a policy against piercing. There have been controversies over facial piercing in fast food restaurants. Also, though it may sound unfair to you, some employers are biased about such things as piercing. If you are taking an interview and you have a visible piercing the interviewer may feel intimidated or think negatively toward you. So if you don't want to have such image for the rest of your life, better yet, stay away from these stuff.

2. Sex Video or Picture Scandals Online

- Another thing that has become so trendy nowadays are self-made or home-made videos of lovers making love passionately, wildly or whatever. In other words, sex scandals! My take on this is: Just because famous celebrities like celebrity doctor Hayden Kho and sexy actress Katrina Halili became more popular because of their very controversial videos, it doesn't mean you should go ahead make your own. Hayden should have put a disclaimer on his videos that goes like: "Kids don't follow this at home. Only done by professionals."

Bad Effects: Sooner or later, those pictures or videos are going to come back to haunt you. And when they do, it will start a sh!tstorm you can’t even imagine. And pretty soon that trip to Boracay with a hot chcik when you were 23 will turn into the reason you are fired from your job or perhaps will prevent you from getting promotions. Worst-case scenario, your beloved wife will file a divorce, or annulment in our country, and/or you will be estranged from your children. Seriously. Think about it.

3. Tattoos
- These days, having a tattoo is practically like having a mole - almost everybody’s got one. Rock stars, sports figures, fashion models, and movie stars flaunt them. Many teenagers have followed suit, proudly displaying tattoos on their shoulders, hands, waists, and ankles. The only difference is, having a mole isn’t going to make you bang your head against the wall for stupidity as soon as you’re out of your “Juvenile Delinquent phase.” I'm pretty sure there will be a point in your life that would make you regret why you did ever let those needles and inks touch your flawless white skin. Oh and ladies, just so you know, one day that lower back tattoo you all seem to have is going to be known as the “old lady tattoo.” Not so sexy, is it?

4. Smoking
- I have always disliked smokers. I have been explicit about that. Okay. Why, bakit, ngano? Because I really do think they are selfish. Selfish because we know for a fact that smoking gives pleasure or at least that's what I heard from them. Self-pleasure that is. But come to think of it. That pleasure only lasts barely an hour but the harm that it would cause not only to you but most especially to your loved ones is longer lasting.
Lemme revise what I said as I don't wanna hurt the ego/feelings of some readers / friends who smoke. Let's just say, I condemn the sin but not the sinner. Smoking might cause immediate death! Yes, you've read it right! It can kill you right there and then. You don't believe me, watch this:

Note: This post is my own version of CoedMagazine.com's Top 10 Things From Your 20’s That You’ll Regret When You’re 40. My remaining 6 items are still being written. To Ms. Winkie, I will have that bag tag posted within this week. :)

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