Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tips on Successfully Getting a Job at a Call Center

Business Process Outsourcing has become a trend in the business world nowadays. More and more call centers have been sprouting rapidly in Asia particularly here in the Philippines. If you are a fresh graduate, you might be thinking of trying your luck at one of these BPO companies. Being one of the call center agents for 3 years now, let me give you a few tips on how to successfully pass the Job Interview.

A call center screening process has typically 3 stages:

First Stage: Initial Interview
Second Stage: Examination or Assessment
Third Stage: Final Interview with the HR Manager or Account Manager

Initial Interview

It can be conducted either in person or over the phone. If you're applying online, most likely, you will receive a phone call for an initial interview over the phone. Usually, the interviewer asks a series of questions (like 3-5 questions) about you.

Most Common Question on a job interview:

“Tell Me about Yourself”

At this point, the interviewer is looking at your resume, thus, there’s no need to repeat everything you wrote on your resume.

Tip: Give answers that would say more about your character as a person like…

Basically, I’m the kind of person who enjoys working with different kinds of individual. I think the thought of working with different kinds of people of different characters and how one would adapt or adjust with each other is very challenging and I like/love challenges. I enjoy variations and can appreciate individuality.

Common Mistakes: Beginning the answer with “I am and I live in . In other words, please stop telling what’s obviously written in your resume.

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