Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih And Her Pole Dancing Past

It's been two days since a nasty news about Rima Fakih’s secret past first circulated on the Internet. She’s been a winner even before the Miss USA 2010 competition. Little did we know that she's also good at pole dancing. Everything traces back to the Mojo web site where competitions like these gave away prizes. Well we can truly say that she is an american girl after all.

The photos being circulated on the web are from the Coliseum Gentleman's Club where the competition was held. Actually that competition was more like a class than a show. If Donald Trump was hoping to put some interest back into the Miss USA pageant this year, he definitely did with Rima Fakih. The top prize for winning this contest was a strippers pole and adult toys.

The radio show has been contacted by Miss USA officials requesting more photos and information of Miss Rima Fakih, most probably they are worried if she really deserves to hold the title of being america’s Miss USA 2010. Producers of the show were curious and asked if Rima Fakih’s pictures could affect her carrer. Sadly, Miss USA officials didn’t reply since then.

Fact is that Miss USA winner is already in the books, it doesn’t matter if she was a stripper before. Her amazing beauty and stage presence truly took peoples hearts.

The 24 year old queen is now a hot topics all around the globe as people want to know more of her stripping past. Who would not hit the enter key on google after hearing about this issue.

The final outcome of this issue is left to be seen. According to the Miss USA pageant they are 'reviewing' the information. However the public is interested is seeing the photos (which are pretty juicy) and determining if this Miss USA really deserves the crown.

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