Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Twitter: A New Portal to Philippine Politics!

Over 100 million of the total population in our planet knows how to tweet, making Twitter one of the most subscribed sites of today. The site extends a helping hand in our modern world in various fields like education, politics, public relations and social awareness. People from different walks of life who find Twitter a useful medium for communication updates their tweets ever almost every minute or even seconds.

As May 10 elections is fast approaching, politicians found a new means of campaigning; social networking. As if they have ventured into a new business that should be given attention in order to earn a profit. Politicians have adapted new strategies in order to reach very human being in order to be known. For politicians, it seems that their goal is to be known for them to be voted.

Technology of today is in the most advance way possible. A politician grabs the opportunity in order to expand their advertising methods in the most convenient way possible. They will just tweet their thought or political platforms for people to know. In this matter, they don’t need to spend millions for TV Commercial or advertisement among newspapers. As easy as ABC, all they need to do is to log in their username and password. Another reason for Twitter to be known among politicians is that there’s not much hassle and inconvenience on their parts.

This coming election is said to be marking in Philippine history, for politicians from the different parties have spend billions in terms of advertising on media and in online advertising among different social networking sites. Politicians have targeted social networking site for the never-ending subscription among users who wants to be aware of what’s in the innovation of technology of today.

Twitter is also the place for politicians to unfold their agendas and black propagandas in order to edge their opponents who are running for the same seat. As the hot atmosphere in Philippine politics continues, the more subscription from different users tends to know the present situation and gets updated by logging in almost 24/7 to their accounts.

On my personal perception, using the present innovation of technology cannot hurt somebody unless you intend to, making use of your psyche in its most efficient way possible. In every tweet we write in our page let us not forget to put on our moral conscience into it in order to have well justified thoughts. For every word we type, it reflects of what we really are.

Philippines is listed in the most corrupt countries of today. The most basic reason why we belong on that list is that we don’t have our own mind set. We are being controlled by different influences what we use to have on media and social networking. We believe on promises that in fact parodies from the past which is being used by the present politicians running for ambitious seats.
Tweeting is just one method used by politicians in order to reach us but not to lend their hands. Simply showing themselves in the world of social networking by the fact that they will be there forever without reaching upon us in the real world. As the old adage goes, “A politician is a statesman who approaches every question with an open mouth.” Twitter followers let us think of this quote and have it in our mind what it implies.

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