Saturday, May 1, 2010

PBB Teen Clash 2010 Teensternational Bedspacers Have Come and Becca Got Evicted

Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash 2010 has become more interesting and exciting. This week we have learned that Kuya (Big Brother) has been absent for a few days and has been temporarily replaced by jejemon-crazy Big Utol.

Another juicy news is the entry of the newest batch of teen housemates also referred as the Teenternational Bedspacers. They are set to fill in the empty Apartment. 

1. Bret - "Indie Singer" of U.S.A. been in the Phil for 7 years. Taking MedTech
2. Carson - "Loving Lad" of Canada
3. James - "Dashing Dude" of Australia
4. Ryan - "Simpatikong Leader" ng Korea
5. Jack - "Resort Prince" ng Korea
6. Richard - "Romantic Achiever" ng Korea

1. Sophia - "Obedient Darling" ng Korea
2. Jenny - "Sassy Smart Girl" ng Korea
3. Ann - "Deligent Daughter" ng Taiwan
4. April - "Cantonese Hottie" ng Hong Kong

At the later part of tonight's episode it's revealed that Becca of Cebu, the daughter of Alex Chiongbian who owns a big shipping line in the country, got evicted. I've always noticed Becca as the girl with tomboyish character. She dislikes "maarte" and flirty girls. So maybe her "astiging character" got her evicted, well that's just my own opinion. 

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