Friday, March 19, 2010

Let's Go Island Hopping Again!

Last Monday we went to Aqua Cainta, a pool resort located 15 minutes away from home. Tamang-tama sobrang init na kasi. I can't even remember when was the last time it rained.

So we went to Aqua Cainta. We were a group of 7 young peeople. The entrance fee was only P60 per head and P40 for kids below 12 years old. Aqua Cainta has 2 pools- one for adults (up to 5'8" in depth) and one for children (3.3 ft). Actually it was the Nth time I went there. I went there several times already. We even had our Team Building wayback year 2008 with my previous co-workers at my previous company. Sometimes I go there alone at 8am in the morning during my rest days. But that time, I was with my friends. It was a lot fun, really.

They have two kinds of cottages. Open cottage which costs Php 200. Family cottages cost Php 350. These ones offer a little privacy with two attached double-deck beds.

It was not an expensive getaway, but we had great fun. My next plan is to go Island Hopping!

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