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Helpful Earthquake Survival Tips You Can Use

It is very important for you to be prepared whenever there happens to be an earthquake. Of course, you want to save yourselves out of the dangers that can be brought about by this natural calamity. In order for you to be safe, you just have to remember a few pointers when it comes to an earthquake. Posted on

Never just evacuate a building. Unless there is an immediate hazard in the area, never just evacuate the building. You have to keep in mind that you must move away from hazardous material containers to avoid possible dangers.

What should be done during the shaking?

An earthquake occurs while indoors:
If you are inside your house, office, or any establishment, it is best for you to stay inside. There are three basic actions that you must do: duck, cover, and hold on. Never be near glass, windows, file cabinets, overhead fixtures, or bookcase that could collapse on you during the shaking. It is suggested to crawl under a table, a desk, or any solid structure. Face away from the exterior walls and crouch before a heavy equipment. Your hands and arms must be covering your head.

An earthquake occurs while outdoors:
If you are outdoors, stay away from high walls, power lines, building and heavy materials for they could fall over you. Never enter a building during the earthquake. To get away from any form of hazards, move to an open space.

An earthquake occurs while in a moving vehicle:
Do not stop under or immediate to a building, utility wires, overpasses, power lines, undermined roadways, and falling building debris. Drive slowly toward a clear area. Do not leave your car until the earthquake stops. 

What should be done after the shaking?
Once you calmly left the building you were in during the shaking, check yourself for any injuries. Care for other people who might be injured or trapped. If there are injured or trapped individuals whom you cannot lend first aid to, it is best not to move them. Wait or call for medical assistance.

You can minimize the hazard of fire by means of using the nearest available resource. If there are small fires, look for a fire extinguisher and extinguish the fire.

Also, since the shaking could have caused shifting of contents on cabinets and closets, it is recommended to open all cabinets and closets so that the contents would not fall without caution to you.

Do not smoke inside any building. Fires can be triggered when smoking is done inside a confined area.
Aftershocks are normal after an earthquake. If there happens to be one after another, remember the three actions that must be done: duck, cover, and hold on.

Remember to stay away from any hazardous materials especially electrical equipments that must not be used until proper evaluation. 

Check the condition of your family and colleagues who are with you during the earthquake. If there is anyone injured, bring him immediately to the nearest hospital for medical attention.

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