Monday, March 1, 2010

Why Buying Used Car is Practical

I've always fancied buying a car for myself. And since I am still at the process of learning how to drive, I might as well buy a used car. I was researching about whether or not this would be a good idea and I learned that there are advantages of buying used cars.

First off, the price difference between new and used cars is so wide. According to my research, the average cost, before taxes and fees, on a new car in 2009 was about $26,000 (that's about Php 1.2 M) while the average used car transaction was about $8,400 (that's about Php 0.3 M). And since I am not yet an expert at driving and not to mention I am on a tight budget, buying a used car would be a very good start for me.

So at the moment I am kind of in a quandary on which one should I get for myself. I am currently looking at used ford cars, used volkswagen cars or used bmw car. Hmm, I wonder which one would be best for me.

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Note: I got the photo of that car above here.

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