Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How Much Does a Sales Insurance Agent Earn

What's up?

Did you know that a hardworking sales insurance agent in the US earns about $50,000 to $100,000 annually? Wow! that's a lot, isn't it? A sales insurance agent is usually earning through commission basis but if a certain agent is also an employee of an agency or an insurance agent, he or she may be paid in one or three ways: Salary, Salary plus commission or Salary plus bonus. Therefore, a sales insurance agent's income may vary monthly depending on how he or she performs. Bonuses also await to those who meet their sales goals or when an agency meets its profit.

One big help for sales insurance agents are the companies who provide help in generating sales lead such as ProspectZone and All Web Leads. ProspectZone and All Web Leads are the leading provider of insurance leads on the Internet. They specialize in helping sales insurance agent in providing health insurance leads, life insurance leads and the likes. With their network of insurance websites that produce more than 6,000 leads on a daily basis, you can never go wrong with ProspectZone and All Web Leads.

In general, to be successful in this kind of job, you have to be determined, optimistic and you have to be friendly as well. Definitely this job is for those who loves a challenging yet rewarding job like me.

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