Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hair Care Tips This Summer

Summer time is almost synonymous with "fun". It could mean it's the time for outdoor activies, out-of-town getaways, sunbathing and etcetera. Sounds exciting, isn't it?

Sadly, Summer may also mean a time to get sunburn, heatstroke, skin damage, hair damage and etcetera.

Without proper care our skin and hair may be damaged by the ultra-violet light from the heat of the sun. Thus, we all need to take precautions. As the saying goes, "Prevention is better than cure."

First, let's talk about the most exposed part of our body aside from the skin - our hair. You see, not only women need hair care tips.

- Dos -
* Condition your hair. Due to high temperature and harmful sunrays it is recommended to use hair conditioners. Hair conditioner will restore the moisture in your hair thus maintaining the same luster and glow in your hair and keeping it healthy. If your hair are colored, excessive exposure to sunrays may fade the hair color. To avoid the color from fading, try using leave-on conditioner with sunscreen to protect your hair from losing the hair color.

* After swimming, remember to wash your hair with tap water to remove chlorine and salt contents from your hair.

- Don't-
Do not shampoo your hair regularly as it will misbalance the natural oil in your hair that act as natural moisturizers keeping your hair soft.

It is important that you avoid using hair blower to dry every day. Let it air dry.

Especially for girls, when using hair decorations use those stylish hair accessories that are without metal closures, barrettes with smooth edges, etc. to protect your hair from any kind of damage. And remember to tie a scarf on your hair when it is windy to avoid tangles, knots and breakage of your hair.

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