Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Globe BroadBand Tattoo Dilemma

This is just some random rant about my Internet Connection. I have been using Globe Broadband Tattoo since last year of July 2009 right after I bought a laptop. Just yesterday I upgraded my Globe Broadband Tattoo E160E firmware to its latest version so that I can avail the IMMORTAL CALL from the laptop. Cuz I thought it would be so cool to call my family and friends' mobile phones using my laptop since immortal call is one of the features of the latest Globe BroadBand Tattoo. 

But after the upgrade, the internet connection speed has significantly decreased. Currently it is running at the rate of 1 kbps to 45 kbps while it used to be running at about 500 kbs to 2 mbps before the upgrade. Needless to say, this is very frustrating!

I also signed up to Globe Broadband Tattoo's latest Internet promo, the Super Surf 50, which says you can  avail unlimited surfing 24 hours for only Php 50. So, I don't know if its the Super Surf 50 or the new firmware that's causing the slow connection. Please Globe shed me some light on this.   

All I want is to boost the speed of my globe broadband tattoo connection. I've been trying to call Globe Tattoo Customer Service at 211 but each time I get a representative after the very long voice recording, the call gets disconnected. I don't know why.

I will delete or update this post right after I get this issue fixed.


I made some changes on the settings and now the connection is better. It is now running at about 20 kbps to 300 kbps. What I did, I clicked on Tools > Options > Network and selected 3G only for network type drop down menu. Another drop down menu labeled as Band, I selected All Bands. If there's  better settings than this one, please feel free to share it. I'd appreciate it. I badly need to get the most out of my Globe Broadband Tattoo.

Current Speed via speedtest.net:

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