Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Summer Time is Camping Time

Another outdoor activity that excites me when I think of Summer is camping. Well, who doesn't love Summer Camps? Camping is almost synonymous with the word "adventure".

Why, of course, camping is a lot of fun. It's affordable. It's a change of pace from the toxic urban life. The thought of sitting around a campfire under a clear sky, gazing up at the stars, and listening to the sounds of the night is rejuvenating!

So, if you want go camping with your family and friends, here are the things you need to prepare:

1. Food/Water. Of course, you want to make sure you have enough food to consume during the trip and while on the camping site. It's not going to be fun if you are starving throughout the day. If you are a little OC like me, you might want to make a checklist like this:
__Large water jug/ water bucket
__Soap to wash the utensils
__Stove with fuel/propane
__Cook utensils-spatula, knife, spoon
__Charcoal/firewood/buddy burner
__Cooking oil
__Skewers/grill forks
__Can opener/bottle opener
__Folding table
__Fire starters/newspaper
__Tablecloth/thumb tacks/clips
__Plates,  bowls/paper plates ; bowls
__Mugs/paper cups
__Silverware/plastic silverware
__Mixing bowl
__Cutting board
__Heavy-duty aluminum foil
__Paper towels
__Napkins/Tissue papers
__Trash bags

2. Miscellaneous: Extra clothes, money, cellphone, phone charger, towels, camera, mp3 player/iPod, flashlights, extra batteries, first aid kit.

3. Shelter. You need to make sure you have enough stuff to prepare your campsite shelter. Here are the things you need to bring:
tent, ground cloth, hammer, mat for tent entrance, blankets, pillow

I'm sure you have your own checklist on what to bring for camping. ^_^

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