Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stirrup Pants for Women who are Always on the Go

It was a very fine morning. The birds were chirping. The sun was about to rise. The sky was very beautiful. I was enjoying the beauty of sunrise when suddenly someone bumped into me from behind.

"Oppss.. I'm sorry. I didn't see you because I was looking down at my jeans. I felt so uncomfortable.", she apologized and explained.

"Hey Melody, why are you wearing jeans while jogging? I suggest that you wear stirrup pants.", I smirked.

"Because I am planning to jog my way to the market. I don't want to go there in my jogging pants."

"Okay, then stirrup pants are right for you. I heard from one of the girl gym trainers where I enrolled that stirrup pants are great for women who are always on the go. It is so durable because it has multi-stitched elastic waist. And it is easy-fitting, extremely comfortable and doesn't lose its shape or softness because its stretch knit fabric is made of polyester/cotton/spandex. And it is not hard to clean because it is okay for either machine wash or hand wash."

"Have you tried it yourself?", Melody asked.

"No, I haven't tried it I have jogging pants for me. These stirrup pants that I am talking about are for women who are always on the go like you and my trainer. When I asked her how long has she been using blair stirrup pants, she said it's been over 5 years now! At first she was hesitant to order because she was concerned about how they would fit. But she had no regrets after buying stirrup pants because they are perfect. She even detailed that the feel is soft and comfortable. The waistband is a wide, adequately stitched elastic. Very nice. She even has about 20 pairs of stirrup pants and almost has every color available from the store." 

"Wow! That sounds great! Thank you for sharing this information and I will definitely check it out online."

Hey dear reader, if you are also a woman who's always on the go or if you are a male and you are planning to give your girl, your wife or your mom a gift this summer, I suggest that you buy them a pair of stirrup pants. For more information, click here: stirrup pants.

This post is sponsored by Blair Strirrup Pants. Thank you.

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