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How to Cure Toenail Fungus

Not wearing your precious havaianas or sandals because you're too shy to show your ugly toenails caused by fungus? Toenails fungus may not be a very serious health condition but it is really a mood spoiler especially this Summer when everyone is showing off their beautiful legs and feet at the beach.

Nail Fungus, which is also known by its scientific name Onychomycosis, is very common worldwide. It is caused by tiny organisms that infect the fingernails and toenails.

According to some studies, nail fungus is more common in countries with warmer climates like the Philippines and other tropical countries..

Common Causes of Toenail Fungus
Because of the ideal conditions present in the toenails for the breeding of the fungus, nail fungus is more common on toenails than fingernails.

Common causes of toenail fungus may include:
-- A break in the nail, helping the fungus to enter.
-- Toenails that are weak due to wearing very tight-fitting shoes.
-- Wearing the same shoes daily without allowing them to dry thoroughly in between wearing them.
-- Most people cut toenails extremely close to the skin, causing multiple small cuts in the skin. These cuts allow the fungus to enter and spread.
-- Whenever your feet are damp for extended periods of time, the chances of getting the fungus increases.

Signs That Indicate Toenail Fungus
If your toenails are showing the following signs, then most likely you have a nail fungus problem.

-- Toenails get flaky
-- Toenails get brittle
-- Toenails keep getting chipped
-- Toenails get a yellow, black, or brown tinge or spots
-- Toenails get thick and pain while wearing shoes
-- A bad smell emanates under the toenails
-- While walking, the skin under your toenails feel a stinging pain due to the fungal infection.

Try to avoid public shower stalls and bathrooms because these are places where the fungus thrive and you can be infected by the fungus left behind by someone else. Never use nail clippers belonging to someone else for the same reason. Whenever you are getting your nails clipped in a salon, make sure that the nail clipper has been disinfected. Nail fungus spreads, so the moment you know that you have nail fungus get it cured.

There are a lot of ways to treat nail fungus problems. Home remedy procedures are widely available online however these procedures won't give you instant remedy and takes a lot of effort.

There's no flawless fix for toenail fungus. There are some oral medicines for toenail infection, like Lamisil, and these are said to treat the infection about 10 percent of the time. A new recent treatment for this fungus is the use of lasers. So far there were a few studies that show very promising conclusions. These lasers work from killing the fungus but also leaving the nail and other foot tissues un-damaged. Many big companies are looking to get in on the action.

The Toenail Laser is a breakthrough medical technology that is clinically proven to eliminate nail fungus for toenails. The toenail fungus laser is FDA approved, and offers significant advantages over oral medication for nail fungus. What makes the toenail laser fungus effective is the type of light emitted in the laser. The Toenail Fungus Laser’s light is near the infra-red spectrum, that actually penetrates the nail and surrounding skin, reaching the nail bed where the fungus resides, and kills the fungus. And the good thing is, the nail laser is PAIN FREE.
  • Studies showed that the Toenail Laser is effective over 88% of the time in patients that have had the procedure. This means oral medication is not necessary
  • The Nail Laser is Clinically Proven
  • The PinPointe Laser is effective on all types of nail fungus
  • Only one treatment with the PinPointe Laser is usually necessary
  • PinPointe Laser is PAIN FREE
  • The PinPointe procedure is safe, with no medication needed
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